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Fast-pace consumes a lot of Qi and blood. With the best will in the world, they cannot be entirely relied upon. In TCM, spleen also regulates the raising qi. Energy, Lung Energy, Nutrition And Food, Points and Channels, Spleen Energy, Stomach, Stomach points. Chinese medicine has had at least 2500 years to consider it. Read coffee for more on this! Generally, they are likely to prescribe food that is good for spleen Qi, helping to warm it up and increase energy flow to the rest of the body. We have our monthly cycle where we lose about 40ml of blood (more if you're period goes longer and/or is heavier). Causes of Tiredness and of Tiredness all the time, you can see from what’s gone above, include: Tiredness in pregnancy has different causes depending on the stage of pregnancy reached. If he’s using TCM theory, he’d have a range of options. TCM Gynecology has been practiced for over two thousand years, so we have our own take on it. Loss of Appetite; Loose Stools; Fatigue; Normal or Pale and Swollen Tongue; Heart Qi Deficiency Symptoms. Spleen 9, yinlingquan, is a major point for conditions caused by Damp, so helps urinary problems, ascites, oedema and general swelling. I also went to seek help from a TCM physician, to which he said my; 胃不好 (bad stomach), 睡眠不好 (did not sleep well), and Qi deficiency/imbalance. Your email address will not be published. Gallbladder 34, yanglingquan clears Damp-Heat and soothes and steadies the tendons. Trapped in static yin lockdown? Pre-exam nerves on the one hand, and long-term anxieties (finance, family, relationships, job …) on the other. Qi Deficiency: how to overcome tiredness Video. You can tell how healthy someone’s zong qi is by listening to his voice. Stress usually tightens you up, causing Qi Stagnation. It’s reached your chest and picked up air so the body can use it. If someone knows a lot about acupuncture and wants to support the qi mechanism, they might brush along the channels in the direction they flow. Please note that this list is only indicative! For the most part these are pungent foods like garlic, onion, leeks, peppermint, and ginger. I guarantee you’ve had some of that. One of the Spleen’s functions is to hold things in place, in fact to ascend things. It starts the ball rolling as  you grow in the foetus, and after birth it provides ongoing support. Qi deficiency from Qi stagnation and stress, Gallbladder 34 – Yanglingquan – Yang Mound Spring, Spleen 9 – Yinlingquan – Yin Mound Spring. You get that when stressed and under pressure to do something that may be impossible or for which you haven’t developed resilience. However, another one told us to brush in direction of the heart. Food Therapy For Spleen Qi Deficiency. Eyes running – lachrimation  – even though you aren’t crying and you’re not sad. Palpitations; Kidney Qi Deficiency Symptoms. An important form it takes is that of Blood. If so, probably one or more of the following are causes of this: Zong qi also gathers in your vocal cords. All body parts not held properly in place occur at least partly because your Spleen is deficient. It takes different forms in your body, where it both creates and defends your health, maintains it, keeps things in place and clears out the garbage. Equally, qi can stagnate – as in qi stagnation. NB The term ‘windy’ as used here does not in any way denote ‘flatulence’ though it does not exclude it. For example: Heart qi; Liver qi; Stomach qi; Lung qi; Spleen qi . There are many causes of joint pain. Qi flows and, for health, must be able to flow and change. In TCM terms, two common origins of menstrual issues are Liver Qi Stagnation (e.g. For specific health conditions, like cancer, the purpose of these holistic therapies (along with modern medicine therapies) is to ease symptoms like pain and fatigue, extend survival (if possible), and improve a person's quality of life.1 : Chinese Medicine Living In some cases, such as in the case of prolonged insomnia, an overall qi deficiency could exist, but in most cases there is a mixture of excesses and deficiencies. This depends on the training and background of your acupuncturist. But we’re in the realm of ideas here, so forgive me. Click on Spleen functions to see what it does, or at least should do if you’re healthy. Getting faster and faster is the direction of human society's development. To become useful for the body it must first ascend to the Lungs to pick up air to become ‘Zong Qi’. For example I tend to be slightly deficient in Vitamin B12. In this form, the body can use it. If you take nothing else with you, let it be this: just about everything humans do starts with an idea. Other nutrients that often deplete from stress include zinc, but really, ongoing shortage of any vitamin or nutrient makes you less resilient and more likely to get ill and stressed. However, the insights provided in this case report require further exploration and verification. As women are considered as being 'more Blood than Qi' in TCM, women are more prone to Blood Deficiency. And if your Spleen qi is deficient, you will be too, because you aren’t getting nourishment from Blood, because there isn’t any! This is where the Spleen Qi can no longer hold substances or certain internal organs in … Stomach yang deficiency: this could happen if you eat too much cold, iced or chilled food, or too many foods with a Cold energy – see. Every now and again in the following you’ll find a reference to it. Excess yang or deficient yin? Don’t suppress that sneeze! Oketsu, from Japanese acupuncture, describes problems from portal vein congestion and blood stagnation that need urgent treatment. Cold foods should be avoided as they weaken digestion. He may have had a sense of humour, but he was pretty manic-depressive. TCM understands this fever to be related to blood loss, not normally an infection. As source point Spleen 3 strengthens your Spleen so enhances your digestion, energy and Blood and helps to clear or disperse Damp. It could follow unwise eating the day before, or from too much alcohol, or while having some other problem that has affected our digestion. Foods to Avoid mainly include foods and herbs that MOVE qi or blood. Unfortunately I shan’t have Mozart with me as he made the grave mistake of dying over 200 years ago: no use at all! If you’ve got qi, you can also have qi deficiency so each zangfu organ can be qi deficient, with its own set of symptoms. A well-known modern authority calls it gathering qi. Small children are often ‘windy’: noisy, demanding, requiring constant attention, short attention spans etc. Tiredness from joint pain is different from tiredness with joint pain. What it turns into is ‘Food qi’, but even so, the body can’t use it yet: it’s not yet proper Blood. It comes down to what, when in health, Qi does in the body. So signs of weak circulation, including varicose veins, suggest either zong qi is weak, or your Heart is not doing its job. Without good blood ‘stuff’, you certainly won’t get good Blood! It means that even if you eat good food, and enough of it, containing excellent quantities of all nutrients, you still don’t absorb what you need. If you’ve got diarrhoea or loose stools (and excluding the possibility that you’ve acquired a Stomach bug), probably your Spleen qi is deficient. Every organ (zang-fu is the Chinese name) in your body has its own form of qi. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Or get advice from a homeopath.]. When Spleen-Yang-Qi is deficient (the warm energy related to Spleen-Qi) hands, feet, and nose are cold; it is time to eat nutritious, warm foods. Phlegm, qi deficiency can cause lung qi to fail to propagate or subdue, causing lung qi to reverse and cause coughing . In traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, major organs work by harnessing the body's inner energy called qi. 155 Qi Deficiency in Chinese Medicine; Dampness Stagnation in Chinese Medicine; Qi Stagnation in Chinese Medicine; Essence Deficiency in Chinese Medicine; Blood Deficiency in Chinese Medicine; Client Testimonials. If he or she is a 5 Elements acupuncturist, he wouldn’t worry much about weak zong qi, because he expects that his treatment of what is called the ‘causative factor’ will eventually sort it out. Yin deficiency with liver Yang rising: Dizziness, vertigo, palpitations, insomnia with disturbing dreams, flushed complexion, red tongue or deep red tongue, and a wiry, thin, slippery, and fast pulse. Sinking Qi or Collapse. (This process of absorbing food through the walls of your intestines also comes under the Spleen). Soon enough you’ll see they lead to very real places and conditions of ill-health. Defensive qi – wei qi – goes to the outside of your body to protect it. I can’t imagine that they’ll much want to meet me, but they might like to meet Mozart – or Rossini, at a pinch: they both had a sense of humour. If the Spleen fails to send this ‘food qi‘ upwards to the chest, the food won’t go through the right process of transformation. Learn About Qi Deficiency in TCM Nutrition. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and ancient Chinese philosophy, qi is translated to something similar to “the circulating life force.” The concept of qi goes by many names around the world. You’ve read about some of them already, such as. The same applies, in a slightly different way, to internal Spleen functions. Fatigue is a sign your qi is deficient. In the West we’re also pretty taken up with the idea though we approach it a different way, for example by preserving ourselves cryogenically. Jun 24, 2019 - Explore Studio 96315's board "QI deficiency", followed by 2081 people on Pinterest. Nose runs for no good reason, or when outside on cold days. By interaction from your inherited genetic know-how – your jing-essence (technically called yuan or ‘original’ qi) it becomes one of two different forms: Nutritive qi (ying qi) – goes inside us to nourish our internal organs and the rest of our body. The theory says it circulates under the skin and between the muscles. If so, let me say thank you for your company so far. Their aim, like acupuncture or herbal formulae for it, is transformative. You learn resilience, not to be over-sensitive, and it helps you to develop a sense of humour!). If your Spleen qi is deficient, it can’t do this and that means that Qi is weak. Qi is referred to as life force, or vital energy, and can be equated to electric energy. Spleen qi deficiency is a diagnosis indicating that the Spleen-Pancreas system is relatively weak, and may show up as gas, bloating, loose stool, and fatigue. Receiving a diagnosis of having Spleen Qi Deficiency might not sound as serious as the dreaded “C” word. From a TCM perspective, bad mood is the thing that consumes Qi and blood most. Weak jing essence and/or Kidney yang deficiency, Frequent respiratory infections – meaning you often catch colds or get runny noses and streaming eyes, not necessarily from invading bugs but cold come from drafts of cold air or sudden temperature changes (walking into or out from air-conditioned buildings, for example), Holding things in place; otherwise we get prolapse – Spleen qi, Raising things up – mostly Spleen qi, again, Transforming from one form to another: eg food (eventually) to Blood; fluids to urine: air to ‘true’ qi, Transporting and circulating, throughout the body and its organs and acupuncture channels. Doctor Wang Lun Ti (Ming dynasty) said that Stomach-Fire may injure Spleen-Yin. Eating regularly a good diet, avoiding food when working or driving, (really, these are just good eating habits), reduce stress and tiredness together. That’s because poor food, or not enough good food, impedes the Spleen’s action in producing this first stage of blood stuff. It took less than two minutes. Zong qi also helps your Heart regulate your blood vessels. Loose stools: so loose you could lose some unexpectedly – embarrassing! Likewise Qi and Blood deficiency can lead to iron deficiency. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), qi refers to the spleen and interpret deficiency in the abdominal organs as related to the pancreas or digestive functions. As we saw, it starts with food which after Spleen involvement and input from jing essence (which is controlled by Kidney yang) rises to the Lungs and becomes True or Zhen qi. At home in the holidays I worked on our farm. Of course Qi also protects you when you are wounded. In the early months possible causes include: In pregnancy later months possible causes include: If you get tired after eating, fundamentally you will have some kind of pre-existing qi deficiency. Plainly put, an imbalance in one’s vital energy can lead to an imbalance in one’s well-being. So if you present for acupuncture having eaten no breakfast, acupuncture won’t work so well. As you probably appreciate by now, tiredness is a big subject. To that extent, nothing is lost, just its form. (Not Beethoven though! About body brushing, I would like to know which direction do we have to brush for someone who is weak. The former tiredness disappears when the joint pain goes so it is the pain that produces the apparent tiredness. Beans produce flatus. So when the organ malfunctions, it affects the body's energies. Ladies, you may also experience irregular periods. Hard going. You can have weakness even when not tired. And deaf.) If there is no improvement after a day, either the remedy or its potency are wrong for you, or perhaps you’re doing something to antidote it. If it’s strong, it suggests good zong qi and healthy lungs. If so consider acupuncture, moxa and herbs. For instance heart qi deficiency means that the heart energy is not strong, and may show up as fatigue, lassitude, even palpitations. Legumes or beans, steamed vegetable, seeds, cooked greens, onion and garlic, mushrooms, and whole grains are also good choices to nourish the Spleen function. Qi defiency is a way of saying that the life force / energy of a specific organ or system is relatively weak compared to others. 2. Another important way the Chinese understood Qi was by the six actions in the body it performs. Trouble is, Qi is the basis for everything you can conceive of, sense or touch and everything else too! Examples of leaking fluids include: So we’d reached Zong qi, also called essential or gathering qi. Saliva escapes your mouth, unexpectedly, like after a dental anaesthetic when your lips are numb: dribble! It is the way your internally generated defensive energy reacts to the external stimulus that shows how your qi is working.). Medical professionals from Western countries say a deficiency in qi comes from numerous stress hormones that circulate throughout the body. Qi deficiency is also believed to be at the root of many common Western disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, indigestion, menstrual cramps, and others. For a Chinese medicine ‘take’ on good food, read our pages on Blood-Building foods, and on Nutrition. But they are innovative, entrepreneurial, often hard-working and, if you can put up with them, a pleasure to be around. - What causes "Qi and blood deficiency"? When formless Qi comes together and thickens, ‘it becomes the origin of all beings’. Chinese medicine doesn’t classify it in quite such specific terms but certainly  the result is similar: Tiredness from vitamin deficiency occurs mainly when what you eat doesn’t contain the necessary nutrients for health and vitality, or because of poor digestion. When, in the early stages of an infection, you sneeze, that’s your Kidney Yang supplying your Lung qi with the energy to eject the invader. Well, so would I. (There’s more on this in TCM Theory). Required fields are marked *. Tiredness as distinct from weakness means a lack of energy and often sleepiness. It could also happen because of phlegm, which is garbage left behind when your Spleen was not tidying up very efficiently. They are not specifically for the tiredness it causes. For vitamins for tiredness and stress, Western nutritionists suggest B vitamins but they don’t work unless you can absorb them. However, low spirits (eg deficient Gallbladder qi, or deficient Heart Qi) and depression or sadness (stagnant or deficient Liver or Lung qi), and qi stagnation (mostly Liver Qi stagnation), can put you off food. Before acupuncture, make sure to have some food in you! Underlying these deficiencies or excesses are. Poor digestion is easy to understand. There’s a bit more to this question of Qi Deficiency – and how to overcome tiredness – than you might think! My friend and I went to a practitioner and he told us to always brush downward. For example: As with Western medicine, one suspects anaemia. A Qi deficiency is an indication that our body's energy is not flowing properly due to malfunctioning of its organs/structures. Great for many kinds of arthritis and aching wandering pains. Qi defiency is a way of saying that the life force / energy of a specific organ or system is relatively weak compared to others. SYMPTOMS OF QI DEFICIENCY: higher susceptibility to infections; moodiness and mood swings; It circulates the Blood and flows along the acupuncture channels. And each zangfu organ can get qi stagnation. Of course I realise that the big hope is that people of the future will be dying to meet us and will have invented ways to inject more jing essence so we we’re all pumped up ready for life again. As we age, jing-essence quality and quantity reduces. If it’s unclear, muddled, hesitant, then because your Heart controls your speech, possibly your Heart zang qi is deficient in some way, or not functioning well. Modern doctors interpret “Spleen-Qi not immersed” as Spleen-Yin deficiency. Disruption of Qi circulation causes disruption of various functions in the body. How might you recognise this? This could take several forms. The Ancient Way to Deal with Burnout and Exhaustion. So there you have the first bit of useful information. (There’s a lot to be said for experiencing what it’s like to fail important exams a few times. One of my teachers called this extracting function “rotting and ripening.” Think of your stomach as a soup pot that collects the food and drink you consume. If you understand yin and yang, qi is more like yang than yin, even though everything yin in your body is also made of qi. Jul 24, 2016 - What is the spleen and what does it do in Chinese medicine? Spleen qi deficiency: digestive process isn’t working properly, either from worry or a history of poor eating habits. This is why a qi deficiency might occur in any area of the body. He might suggest you do exercises. Where western medicine might treat tiredness with stimulants, such as coffee, TCM concerns itself with addressing the issues causing the fatigue in the first place. Yin Deficiency – Burnout and Exhaustion: What to Do! Over-thinking and worry also upset Spleen qi. Best wishes Jonathan, Your email address will not be published. This is the qi that acupuncture treatment manipulates. Because it is on the outside, it is yang in relation to nutritive (ying) qi which is on the inside: yin. I am interested in trying out the acupuncture treatment, therefore I do have couple of questions which I would like to seek clarification on. PMS) and Blood Deficiency. So take them with food, regularly. So you’ll be short of breath and a bit pale – signs of anaemia and of tiredness. The Ultimate Research Tool for Chinese Nutrition and Chinese Herbs, Learn About Qi Deficiency in TCM Nutrition. If you have comments or questions, do use the box at the bottom of the page! If you’ve got qi, you can also have qi deficiency so each zangfu organ can be qi deficient, with its own set of symptoms. Spleen Qi deficiency with liver Yang rising: Usually occurs during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. 2. The patient has provided written informed consent for … With Heart Qi Deficiency your circulatory system suffers greatly. It takes form in bones, brains and brawn. Licensed acupuncturist and Master of Oriental medicine Justin Hays offers telephone TCM diet consultations: contact us to schedule your telephone consultation today! I’ve written a separate page about jing-essence because it’s another big subject. Emotional care through counseling or psychotherapy is also important in the treatment of qi deficiency. Dull aching joints which are better after rest, and worse when tired. (For more on this see Full or Empty.) 5 Ethical approval . It protects you mainly against external factors described by Chinese medicine as: Your Lung energy is mainly in charge of this protective Wei Qi. The body uses it by helping the Lungs and Heart to push Blood and Qi to wherever they are needed in the body. Chlorella is considered more of a neutral temperature, and the warmest of the algaes, while spirulina is the coolest. As such it undergoes further changes, becoming the qi of our individual organs as it passes around and within them. If you often catch colds, probably your Lungs and/or Wei qi are weak. When there is a Qi deficiency, the body cannot function properly and therefore presents with a fever. In TCM, we believe that Qi (in various forms) flows throughout the body and is the basic underlying layer of functioning responsible for the proper functioning of all other biological systems in the living body. He might ‘test’ you with funny stories, to see how your ‘spirit’ responds. Qi is Yang in nature. Stomach Qi deficiency is something we all get, sooner or later. Probably a mixture of Qi and Blood deficiency. When the Heart Organ System is Deficient of Qi you will have chronic low energy. Learn the basics of Chinese nutrition online, using our online learning tools. Tiredness with joint pain suggests the tiredness precedes the pain or would be present even without the pain. New tools, new technology , can our body catch up with the development speed? For more, Kidney yang deficiency: there are many causes of Kidney qi deficiency – for, Not eating enough of the right foods – see, Not enough rest and sleep: reading our page on, Chong mai rebels (hard to explain quickly!… see. That is, not much, possibly little or none! Within the realm of TCM, the treatment of qi deficiency may include the use of herbal products, as well as various mind-body therapies (e.g., acupuncture or tai chi). It’s a frequent syndrome in Chinese medicine. Firooz Zahedi, Photographer, Hollywood Hills, CA. Find out in this informative article - What is Spleen Qi Deficiency? If that fails, things fall down or out. Weakness relates to muscular fragility. Weakness is different. In China they call it Essential qi, or sometimes Chest qi. What causes qi deficiency… If they work, the qi stagnation eases and the tiredness goes. After all, busy young people often rely on simple dishes like baked beans for nourishment. See, Overall, your muscles are ‘ruled’ in Chinese medicine by your. Of course it’s the reaction of your body that produces the symptoms, not the wind or cold etc. As explained, one of the Spleen’s functions is to ascend things and to hold things up or in place. For you information, I have a Heart Yin deficiency with Empty Heat and my friend has Lung Qi deficiency. So deficient defensive wei qi happens when one or more of the following occur: However, it is more complicated than even that, because although the main functions above relating to movement are upwards, yangwards one might say, one function of Lung qi is to descend qi towards the Kidneys, which later raise it up again. Zong qi now undergoes the last of these formative changes. The muscle in question was on his Lung channel. On our page on Qi stagnation there is a long list of foods that people find useful for tiredness and stress. It’s your choice and your opportunity! So if you have spleen qi deficiency, you want to eat foods that are warming, or at least neutral to help build the spleens energy. Insufficiency of qi causes qi deficiency syndrome with the manifestations of sallow complexion, dispiritedness, lassitude and low and weak voice. The TCM diagnosis of spleen qi deficiency indicates a weakness in the body’s ability to efficiently extract the nutrients from our food and shuttle the nutrients where they are needed. Think of those whose bellies are obese and fall out and downwards. Spleen Qi Deficiency is caused by overexertion, poor dietary habits, and/or emotional imbalances.61 Irregular eating, 155 consuming cold or raw foods and drinks, skipping meals, not eating enough, or overeating all weaken Spleen Qi. I expect to say goodbye to you. If so, read the following pages: If the fuzziness continues, consider whether it is an excess or deficient condition. But personally, I brush towards the heart. If coffee does make you feel better it will have yanked a bit of yang energy out of  your yin reserves, so you will probably already be mildly yin deficient as you walk in for the treatment! By flow, I mean it moves around the body; by change, it takes on different forms as it goes. It’s not a full list! When tiredness goes on and on, indefinitely, there is nearly always a deficiency of one of these: However, there are other reasons, described as coming from ‘fullness’ or ‘excess’. 168 Overthinking, worrying, or feeling anxious can lead to mental strain and harm Spleen Qi. It’s not easy to get your head round Qi and you may think some of this is a bit woolly. On the way you’ll have to learn a few Chinese terms because Western medicine and English don’t have equivalents. This doesn’t seem much use to me because if I understand Chinese medicine correctly, when we are warmed up back to life in the future, we’ll have the same amount of jing essence as when we went in. Please! When 13 years old, I was extremely thin (still am) but both the tallest boy in my senior school of 800 boys, and – for a term – the youngest. For example, a super-fit weight trainer had an accident to his left arm which continued to feel weak for months even after good physiotherapy. I’d like to know what is your view about this subject. Both can diminish health digestion. It’s designed to put the bug outside you, not inside you! The above doesn’t cover everything, of course. The TCM therapy of tonifying Qi-deficiency of lung–kidney can improve the pulmonary function and reverse disease progression; it may be considered as a complementary treatment for IPF with mild-to-moderate impairment. www.acupuncture-points.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. No spam, only notifications about new articles and updates. Let’s take your Spleen zang organ. How high or low-spirited you are is an important manifestation of your qi! Now, the first sign of something practical! And don’t forget exercise, often the best antidote to stress and qi stagnation! When you die, it disperses back into circulation. Read on to know the symptoms as well as the … Whatever the cause, we’ll feel under the weather and a bit depressed. Before acupuncture, make sure you have some good food in you to provide enough nutritive-ying qi for acupuncture to work with. It has become a useful form of qi: Blood. It is said that Blood Nourishes the Qi, and Qi Leads the Blood. Usually this comes from un-refreshing sleep. They could also weep from exposure to bright light or cold wind. Most of this page deals with tiredness. Treatments for qi deficiency. The template that designed you comes from the combined qi of your parents. It goes a bit deeper than you may imagine. However, they do have good ideas for how to make it work better and to preserve it – to maintain health! We used to carry railway sleepers to weigh down plastic sheeting over our silage pit. From a TCM point of view, algae are grown in cold conditions and they may be considered too cooling for someone with Spleen Qi Deficiency. 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