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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This reinforces the fact that this is predominantly a light duty cutting saw. At only 6.6 lbs almost anyone can handle this chainsaw. It offers a powerful 1100W motor in a lightweight and efficient design. The chain speed is 8.5 meters per second. Other users advised that they had been able to cut through some larger trees but if you have regular heavy cutting duties to carry out then there are better saws out there for this type of work. This style of bar is popular so you won’t have any difficulties finding a replacement if required. These reduce, but don’t eliminate entirely, the chances of kickback. Over the last few years, Worx has developed an  great reputation in the outdoor power equipment and power tool industry. 00 OREGON CS1400 2400 W Electric Chainsaw, Powerful Electric Saw with 16-Inch (40 cm) Guide Bar DuraCut Saw Chain (612000) 4.6 out of 5 stars 260 -Allow the saw to cool down before storing it. Their WG305.1 Electric Chainsaw is another addition to the company’s product range. To help keep users protected, there are several safety features, such as: Reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain which meets the standards laid down in ANSI B.175.1. There is a minimum oil level marking on the reservoir window, making it easy to see when top up is needed. The right extension cord will ensure you get the performance you expect and will extend the life of your blower. Click here to check the latest Amazon prices…, Your email address will not be published. The WG305.1 is constructed from hard plastic. Full instructions on how to set the correct tension are provided, however, it’s basically a case of turning the chain tensioning knob clockwise until it is hand tight. The diagram above shows the powerhead unit and guide bar. Already have your chainsaw? Experienced users will know that new chains have a tendency to stretch quite easily and so it is important that tension is checked on a regular basis. Being an electric saw, an extension cable will be required. In summary, the WG305.1 is best suited to light and medium cutting tasks around the yard. The chain should also be kept in good condition, which means keeping it sharp. Try to store with as little oil as possible in the reservoir and give some thought to where and how it is stored. Worx WG303E 2000W 40cm Electrical Chain Saw 4.4 out of 5 stars 61 £120.00 £ 120 . The WORX WG305 14-Inch Electric Chain Saw is extremely efficient which helps you in cutting tasks. Toolless, auto chain tensioning system As with all electric chainsaws it offers safe and reliable start-up with zero emissions. Please call our customer service center at 1-866-354-9679 (WORX) and we’ll be happy to assist. WG305 chainsaw pdf manual download. Enjoy durability and a high cutting capacity of 28"! This is an electric tool. Their WG305.1 Electric Chainsaw is another addition to the company’s product range. Powerful 8 Amp motor offers consistent performance and durability. This is obviously not in a single pass and would require the user to cut wood from different angles. In terms of design, this is a classic rear handle model. The Worx 14" Electric Chainsaw has an attached cord 9" long. When the saw is first being used, this should be after every few cuts if necessary. If you decide the Worx 8 Amp Electric 14" Chainsaw isn’t the right tool for you, we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee from date of receipt (less shipping and handling). You can trim off limbs and prune bushes in your garden as its 14-inch bar makes it possible for … Your generator should, therefore, have sufficient power to cope with this load. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Worx chainsaw parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! Look for the following items compatible with your WG304.1 15 Amp 18” Electric Chainsaw. If you are using a 100 foot extension, then this should be a minimum 14 gauge (14/3) although a higher gauge (such as 12/3 or 10/3) is even better. WORX WG305E 1100W 25CM Chainsaw The WORX 1100W Chainsaw is a compact powerhouse. What size file do I need to sharpen the chain? Search Input. The full range of WORX corded and cordless chainsaws and pole saws are cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable to use. As the bar has a sprocket nose (this is the case with most homeowner saws), users will need to remember to regularly grease the sprocket nose hole. As with all electric chainsaws it offers safe and reliable start-up with zero emissions. Some users mentioned that the chain can slip, which emphasizes the point that tension needs to be checked regularly. FRONT HANDLE 7. The WG305.1 comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Around 85% of buyers rate the saw as either good or excellent. The 14" Electric Chainsaw weighs 6.6 pounds. • Manual oiler (you have to remember to dump oil to the bar). The reservoir itself has a capacity of 4 oz. ... Oil tank capacity 4 flu oz. The Worx 14" Electric Chainsaw can take any kind of bar and chain oil, which is available in most hardware stores or stores that sell chainsaws. Although the motor is small, it is easily capable of handling the tasks for which it was designed. 3 4 1 10 112 114 115 20 19 17 ... OIL LEVEL WINDOW 5. CORDLESS CHAINSAWS. This means that between cuts you need to remember to press the primer button (on the oil cap) to release the oil. Also for: Wg305.1. • You want a saw for light cutting and pruning work, • You don’t want to spend a great deal of money. We weighted 5 noteworthy Worx electric chainsaws over the recent 2 years. One important aspect of using a chainsaw is ensuring that the chain is kept properly tensioned at all times. and chain pitch is 3/8-in; 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,724. On this model this is simple thanks to the tool-less auto chain tensioning system. This saw is equipped with a feisty 8 Amp brushed motor, which is about as small as it gets on an electric saw and is comparable to the Remington RM1425 Limb ’N’ Trim. View more information on our warranty here. Bumper spikes. Para mayor información, visite www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Your email address will not be published. How much oil will the chainsaw need? If you don’t feel able to perform this function then you can look at getting the chain sharpened locally by an expert or, alternatively, invest in a new chain. for more information about how to do this. CHECK ON AMAZON. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Worx WG305.1, 8 Amp 14-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake at Amazon.com. +1-888-873-3829. Bob reviews the Worx WG305 Electric Chainsaw, using it to take down the trunk of a chopped down orange tree. It has a 3/8 inch pitch, 0.05” gauge and 52 drive links. WORX Power Share cordless chainsaws are lightweight and easy to use to keep limbs in check. It has a low-maintenance auto-tensioning chain system to help extend the life of the bar and chain. Worx Electric Chainsaw. It has a rubberized over grip handle to improve comfort and stability and its compact design means that it is pretty easy to maneuver. This product has great features including patented auto tension chain system, a powerful 8 amp motor, … Look for an extension cord rated for Outdoor Use and make sure the gauge of the cord is appropriate for the length you’re using. powered models higher still. As always, these safety features should not be relied on entirely to keep you out of harm’s way. Skip to main content. Another great brand that provides high quality saws is the WORX WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One Size. Amazon.com: worx chainsaw oil - Corded Electric. You can extend your warranty to 3 years by registering online within 30 days of purchase. This is a great system which avoids the need to get out the tool kit and therefore keeps interruptions to a minimum. Required fields are marked *. Causes of an Electric Chain Saw Leaking Oil. The saw is extremely easy to handle. The Worx 14” – 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw is low-maintenance, too. Although this is only a small, light cutting duty saw, it is still a dangerous tool and needs to be used properly at all times. Most users indicate that the saw performs well on wood up to 8 inches thick and that when doing this sort of work has the staying power to cut for a reasonable length of time without being over worked. To help minimize and prevent leakage, we recommend the following: -Use only enough oil for the task at hand. Find which Worx electric chainsaw fits you best. CHAIN ... at a WORX dealer or on our website at www.worx.com. This chainsaw has extended life span, therefore, if you need a long-lasting tool, then consider this electric model which is close to perfect. You should find that if using constantly, a top up every 12 minutes will be required. With a 14 inch blade, the saw should be able to cut through a 12 inch log in a single pass. A great chainsaw for another great price. Accessories 14" Electric Chainsaw (8 Amp) - WG305 | WORX The WG305.1 is an occasional use, homeowner chainsaw designed for light and medium cutting duties such as pruning, limbing, trimming and general light clean up. No, this model does not include a battery. Register now! Fix an Electric Chainsaw Dripping Oil: If you have oil dripping out the bottom of your electric chainsaw, then a perished oil tube is the most likely reason why.The oil is for the chain auto-oiling feature and is primed by the rubber bulb on the tank cap, the plastic tubing routes it und… Consumer Ratings Read … The WORX WG305.1 chainsaw is a compact powerhouse. about new products and get seasonal project ideas, subscribe now. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. With a saw designed to self-lubricate during operation, a little oil leakage is normal. The 14 inch chain has low kickback qualities. (120 ml). • You want a saw which is clean, easy to start and operate. 14 Inch guide bar Pour de plus amples informations, prière de consulter www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. There are 52 links on the 14" Electric Chainsaw chain. Patented auto-tension chain system prevents over-tightening for extended bar & chain life. It’s electric corded chainsaw so you will need power outlet nearby to use it. Keep reading to get the scoop! This low-maintenance chainsaw has a patented auto-tensioning chain system to help extend the life of the bar and chain. For complete safety details, please review your owner’s manual. The chain is a 3/8" pitch and has a gauge of 0.05". Follow safety precautions while using any power tools – including wearing safety eyewear, gloves, appropriate shoes & clothing, and keeping hair tied back. Here’s the owner’s manual, for those of you who would like to download it. This prevents accidental starting. These act as a pivot on the wood and provide stability when cutting. So, just exactly what is this saw capable of in terms of performance? You can also see the transparent oil reservoir window. AVERTISSEMENT: Ce produit peut vous exposer à des agents chimiques, y compris lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), identifiés par l'État de Californie comme pouvant causer le cancer et des malformations congénitales ou autres effets nocifs sur la reproduction. Based on our personal review, we found this Worx WG305.1, 8 Amp 14-inch Corded Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake best in our list. HAND GUARD 8. There is a front hand guard, which unlike some other saws, does not also act as a chain brake. Chain saws typically operate with a manual or an automatic oiling scheme. As you can see from the earlier picture, this is quite large and easily accessible. When the throttle is released the saw will stop and the chain gradually coasts to a stop. Starting the saw requires the user to engage the safety lock switch and press the throttle trigger. BUMPER SPIKE 9. GUIDE BAR 10. What gauge extension cord is recommended to use with the Worx 8 Amp Electric 14" Chainsaw? Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. It comes with an operators’ manual and plastic scabbard to protect the cutting equipment. The manufacturer recommends a winter weight oil but this is not essential. Price Available Check Current Price. The power cord is around a foot in length so an extension will be required. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I’ve written up some of what I found, and in the following post I will go through some of the details, features, pros, cons, and my recommendation. This should be suitable for outdoor use and have the correct gauge. For this review, I bought one of these and tried it out. There is also a set of plastic bumper spikes (not in view) on the front of the unit which helps to provide stability when cutting. WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp. Its 8-amp motor allows you to easily keep your backyard in shape. To cut a tree that has already fallen, you can cut up to double the bar length minus a couple of inches by making two cuts, one from each available side of the tree. This is easily done by using a grease gun to inject grease into the hole. WORX WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One Size. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. All The oil filler cap and primer bulb sit at a slight angle on top of the unit next to the front handle. The chain did indeed have 57 links. Through the use of oil, the saw is kept from overheating while the chain and guide bar work. It is described by Worx as a compact powerhouse, and it comes with a pretty decent list of features, including: Robust 8 amp motor Toolless, auto chain tensioning system 14 Inch guide bar Oil level indicator. The WG305.1 is an 8A tool, so check for gauge and length on the grid owner’s manual for complete safety instructions and details. This model (WG305) is a 8 Amp tool and uses a 120V ~ 60Hz power supply. This product weighs 6.6lbs, making it one of the lightest saws available on the market. All. Offers high cutting capacity of up to 28 in. How much does the Worx 8 Amp Electric 14" Chainsaw weigh? Check Amazon For Promotions Yard cleanup is now easier than ever. • Fast and simple starting (essentially just the push of a button), Cons As mentioned earlier in the review, the WG305.1 is fitted with a 14 inch bar and chain. To fall a standing tree, it’s recommended that you use a bar longer than the diameter of a tree. In terms of the type of oil, a good quality bar and chain oil should be used (See article). -Store the saw horizontally when not in use. The WORX 8.0 Amp 14" corded electric chainsaw is a compact and lightweight powerhouse for your needs. View All . OIL FILLER CAP 6. This chainsaw starts instantly and provides powerful and consistent performance for most residential yard work projects. Oil is added to the reservoir through the oil cap on top of the powerhead unit. If you are used to doing this yourself, you will need a 5/32” round file and holder, together with a flat file. This saw has running watts of around 1,020 and starting watts likely to be higher than this. It has 14.5-Amp motor with power output of 3.5 … Safety lock button which must be pressed to operate the throttle trigger. You should press the cap at least once between each cut. There are well over a hundred online reviews for this saw and they are generally very positive. • You don’t have access to a power supply. You can also Narrow by type, model, power source and bar length or pick one of our Worx electric chainsaw editorial picks. How powerful is the 8 Amp Electric 14" Chainsaw? Greenworks Pro 60-volt 16in Chainsaw Review, Click here to check out the Amazon reviews…. However, if you are looking for a product with a cheaper price, then you can check out CRAFTSMAN Chainsaw, 8-Amp, 14-Inch (CMECS614) which is equally good with good reviews. The tool-less chain tightening system and the easy prime oil pump keep this saw running smoothly, and … We are very much sure that you’ll be able to make a wiser decision in buying the Top worx 40 volt chainsaw by going through the exclusive list mentioned below. Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. On larger electric saws you can expect speeds up to 15 m/s and on gas. All Models Parts. Obviously the downside of using an electric saw is that you need to be within distance of a power outlet. Whilst it perhaps isn’t as robust as some larger saws, users will find the benefits in how light the saw is, as well as its low cost. See the owner’s manual for complete safety instructions and details. It offers a powerful 8 Amp motor in a lightweight and efficient 14-inch design. Although this isn’t perhaps as convenient as automatic lubrication systems, there is the advantage that you can control the amount of oil released to the cutting components to match the conditions. In both instances, the saws ability to handle cuts of this size depends on the type of wood being cut (hard or soft; dry or wet). Indeed, reviews indicate that it is popular with older people and individuals who for other reasons (such as injury) find heavier models hard to control. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! Make sure you operate the saw in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and always wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves, eyewear and suitable clothing. It has the simple method of oiling with an oil indicator. Chain saws typically operate with a manual or an automatic oiling scheme. You should find that once the chain is worn in, it will stretch less, reducing the number of times you need to adjust the tension. You could consider using a generator. The manufacturer states that it has a ‘high cutting capacity’ of up to 28 inches. It is described by Worx as a compact powerhouse, and it comes with a pretty decent list of features, including: Robust 8 amp motor 99. -Remove oil cap and immediately replace it after operation to vent the oil tank. The saw will power into life and the safety lock switch can … Chat (offline) Sears Parts Direct. Dimensions The WG305.1 is an occasional use, homeowner chainsaw designed for light and medium cutting duties such as pruning, limbing, trimming and general light clean up. The oil tank capacity will hold 4.06 ounces. Unfortunately this is an issue common to many chainsaws. Please enter one or more characters. Warranty View and Download Worx WG305 manual online. $84.99 $ 84. Oil also keeps the chain links from drying and the engine from excessive wear and tear. For this review, I bought one of these and tried it out. Unlike most saws, the WG305.1 has a manual bar and chain oiling system. For example: If the bar is 14" you can cut a log up to 26" in diameter. Easy prime oil pump & level indicator for simple maintenance. A number of consumers mentioned that the saw leaks during storage. Get it as soon as ... Other options New and used from $64.11. Weighing less than 7lbs, it is one of the lightest saws you will find and should be within the handling capabilities of most people. If you are using a 50 foot cord then it should be a minimum 16 gauge (16/3), although again a higher gauge such as (14/3 or 12/3) would be better. View more information here. • You struggle with heavy objects and need a light saw. The WORX WG305 is an electric chainsaw which you need to plug into an electric power supply to keep it running. Electric Chain Saw. About WORX. The saw will power into life and the safety lock switch can then be released. ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede exponerle a químicos incluyendo lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), que son conocidos por el Estado de California como causantes de cáncer y defectos de nacimiento u otros daños reproductivos. Worx WG303.1 is one of the least expensive chainsaws on sale today. You can check out our article What size file do I need for my chainsaw? If you need a faster option, local hardware or home improvement stores may carry accessories that fit your Worx chainsaw. It went though them all rather easily. What is the chain gauge? Also shown is the chain tensioning knob. • You have regular medium and heavy duty cutting jobs. One final point, bar oil is NOT provided with this purchase. The product is certainly robust enough to deal with occasional use light and medium duty cutting tasks. Worx WG303.1 is fitted with Oregon 16-inch bar and chain. Front and rear hand guards to prevent the hands coming into contact with wood, debris and the chain. The diagram above shows the rear handle which houses the throttle trigger and lock-out safety switch. WORX 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling – WG303.1 WITH Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil - Quart $ 91.98 in stock 1 new from $91.98 In comparison, therefore, this is slower, however it is more than sufficient for light cutting work. Electric Chain Saw EN Tonçonneuse r électrique prime F Sierra eléctrica ES P05 P18 P33 WG305 WG305.1. To prevent or minimize leakage, ensure that the saw is kept in an upright position (with the oil cap uppermost) when not in use. The patented automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system delivers optimum tension during operation. Some users complained that the chain slipped on a number of occasions. Carefully review the owner’s manual for all safety information and guidelines for the 15A Chainsaw. We know your tools are indispensable, so we cover each tool with a 2 Year Limited Consumer Warranty. As with the bar, this is a popular size chain and replacements are readily available. What kind of oil does the chainsaw use? The bar is a reduced kickback, sprocket nose model (Type: ES140SDEA041). However, if you are looking for a product with a cheaper price, then you can check out WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp which is equally good with good reviews. Parts subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by the tool’s warranty. Users are happy with how light and easy the saw is to use, its cutting performance and the excellent price. This relieves any accumulated pressure during the oiling process. You can find the replacement bar (WA0158) and chain (WA0157) under Accessories and they can be shipped right to you. Oil level indicator. Your Source for the Latest and Best Chainsaw Reviews. What is the chain pitch? Starting the saw requires the user to engage the safety lock switch and press the throttle trigger. loc_en_CA, sid_WG305, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=RATING, direction=DESCENDING), SortEntry(order=SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING)]. WORX WG305.1 First Impressions "Yes, gas is better." View All WORX Tools. The file size for sharpening the included chain is 5/32". How many chain drive links are on the Worx 8 Amp Electric chainsaw chain? Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast, Old Operating Theatre London Wikipedia, Examples Of Multiple Choice Questions, Type Of Inflorescence In Oryza Sativa, Data Scientist Vs Machine Learning Engineer, Animal Feed Science And Technology Author Guidelines, I Wanted Wings Wiki, 188 Rest Stop New Vegas, Pranav Name Popularity, Bamboo Shoot Chicken Recipe,

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