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Pacific Sunset Maple. Rich green leaves clothe the stems through summer and turn yellow in fall. Its leaves turn purple through summer. Neutral: On Mar 16, 2007, berrygirl from Braselton, GA (Zone 8a) wrote: Acer pseudoplatanus 'Eskimo Sunset' VARIEG. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 4 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. Crisp green foliage turns an attractive golden-yellow with red hues in fall. $65.00. The Red Sunset Maple is well known as one of the very best cultivars for fall color. 7433) is a hybrid of Acer truncatum and Acer platanoides that combines the best characteristics of the parents in a medium sized shade tree.Dark glossy leaves, drought resistance, orange to red fall color and a smaller ultimate size are inherited from Shantung Maple (Acer truncatum). Beautiful in the spring and summer. Plus, the richly-hued tones of this one-of-a-kind tree develop almost two weeks before other varieties, staying bold and true for weeks (even through hot, dry weather). Though sunset maple trees, often referred to as 'Red Sunset', are prized as the most successful red maple cultivar, issues may still arise. Utilize as a shade tree, lawn tree or accent. Be the first to review this product. A larger deciduous tree that has a pyramidal form when young becoming rounded with age. Features medium green leaves (to 5” across) that have 5 triangular lobes. The Pacific Sunset’s leaves emerge after small cluster of pale yellow flowers appear. Norwegian Sunset Maple: 2 1/2" $495.00: 1: Acer truncatum 'Shantung' shantung maple: 4" $799.95: 5: Acer truncatum 'Warrenred' Pacific Sunset Maple Pacific Sunset Maple will grow to be about 30 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 25 feet. Winter buds, clusters of small winter spring flowers, leaf stems, twigs, and winged summer fruits are all reddish colored. The foliage resembles that of 'Crimson King', but its form is more upright and compact. SYCAMORE MAPLE Dec (z5) A sunset to remember! Our 13 year old Pacific Sunset Maple doesn t look as nice as it usually does. The Crimson Sunset Maple tree is a hybrid maple. The median sale price was $319,900 with a median Price Per Square Foot of $270. Red Maple tree, Acer rubrum displays vibrant red autumn foliage, matures to heights of 90-115 ft. and widths of 25-35 ft., and grows in zones 3-9 well. Upright and spreading crown. The Pacific Sunset has a brilliant orange/red fall color that is one of the last of the maples to color. It will only grow to about 10 feet tall, so it is an ideal tree for a courtyard or smaller garden, or even as … Acer ‘Pacific Sunset®â€™ PACIFIC SUNSET MAPLE . Pacific Fire Vine Maple Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire' Sku #2180. 'Pacific Sunset' is a small, rounded, deciduous maple that typically grows 20-25’ tall with a densely-branched, rounded crown. Maintain vigorous trees through proper care for continued enjoyment of your home garden sunset maples' vivid fiery fall color. Outstanding glossy dark green summer foliage changes to tints of red yellow and orange in the fall. Deeply lobed leaves emerge purple-red, mature to green in summer, then fade yellow-orange in fall. I took a small branch to our local nursery, and he thought it was frost damage....but why only part of it? No. Its naturally symmetrical habit with strong, open branching structure is well-suited for street and residential use. Matures at 30 feet tall and 25 feet wide. Buy Red Sunset Maple Trees at Trees For Sale Online. Maples for fall color Japanese maples grow in Sunset climate zones 2-10, 12, 14-24: everywhere except hot low deserts and the coldest-winter areas. Grows up to 35ft high. Buy Japanese Maples at the largest shop of Japanese maple trees,, the best place to buy Japanese maples online. Plant with White Flowering Dogwood Characteristics Landscape Size: 25' … But any Japanese maple makes a graceful accent in gardens, in pots, or as prunings in holiday arrangements. Its distinguishing red foliage is like the Crimson King maple tree, but its upright and compact form pulls from the Tatarian maple types like Hot Wings. Pacific Sunset® Maple (Acer truncatum x A. platanoides 'Warrenred' P.P. PACIFIC SUNSET(R) MAPLE Acer truncatum x platanoides 'Warrenred' The Pacific Sunset(R) Maple is a hybrid between a Norway and a Shantung Maple with a spreading and rounded form and a fine leaf texture. When this plant was introduced, it became the most desirable Maple and remains top notch today! This tree should be planted at least 15ft from buildings and is also a perfect choice for the parkway. Listing for Acer (Maple) The Genus Acer is the largest group of deciduous trees and encompasses a vast range of shapes, sizes, colours and forms. Deciduous tree grows with an upright, rounded habit. Pacific Sunset Maple Pacific Sunset offers outstanding glossy summer foliage that changes to tints of yellow, red and orange in the fall. Flowers in late spring have little ornamental value. Crimson Sunset® Maple is a great hybrid maple that features an upright oval habit with maroon to reddish-orange fall color. What it needs: Pacific Sunset® Maple thrives in almost any location. Buy Crimson Sunset® Maple online. Availability: Out of stock. With Crimson Sunset Maple, you get the added beauty of purple/maroon leaves from its Norway maple genetics and hopefully the resistance to Japanese beetles of its Shantung Maple parentage. Its heat tolerance is the distinguishing characteristic of this Acer truncatum hybrid. Asked April 19, 2014, 8:29 PM EDT. Acer truncatum x platanoides warrenred 'Pacific Sunset' This very attractive small to medium sized Maple has glossy, dark green, sharply-lobed leaves, which change to a multitude of yellows, oranges and reds in autumn. Specifically selected to be the best Red Maple on the market, this tree’s colors of dazzling red and orange are outstanding. The major reason this maple tree is popular is due to its high heat tolerance so it can grow where few purple-leaf plants and trees can. We grow and sell a large selection of wooded plants: Japanese Maples, Cherry trees, Elms, Honey Locust, pear, plum, October Glory, Hornbeam, and London Planetree. A beautiful hybrid of the Tatarian and Norway Maples this tree combines great traits from both parents to produce an outstanding medium-sized tree. Leaves emerge reddish purple in spring but mature to dark green. Pacific Sunset® Maple is a versatile tree which can be planted almost anywhere in the yard. Recently Sold Condos in PACIFIC SUNSET Over the last 90 days, 5 Condos have sold in PACIFIC SUNSET. Zone 4, Reaches 30' x 25' They are each about 18 feet tall and have a 3" diameter trunk. Leaves intermediate in appearance very glossy dark green above, lighter below; fall color from yellow-orange to red. Other Shantung Maples hybrids such as Norwegian Sunset and Pacific Sunset have a demonstrated resistance to Japanese Beetles. Develops good branch angles. Norwegian Sunset ® Maple does well in hotter conditions and shows similar colors and characteristics to Shantung Maple. Pacific Sunset ® Maple has finer branches than its cousins and is slightly shorter in height. From small weepers through to small, medium and large shade and autumn colouring trees, the options they offer for garden design are almost limitless. Buy dwarf weeping red Japanese maple The glossy green leaves persist on the tree turning orange-red to brilliant red in the fall. A large shrub or small tree well-suited for a woodland garden, in dappled to deep shade under larger trees. The leaves are divided into narrow ‘fingers’, and carried in tufts on the ends of the branches. Fall color will vary from yellow-orange to an almost burgundy red color. The Oregon Sunset Japanese Maple is a newer variety of these ever-popular trees, with a broad, sturdy form. Beautiful creamy yellow and coral red stems make a striking winter specimen. Celebration® Maple, Acer x freemanii ‘Celzam’, is a fast growing, seedless selection of Freeman Maple. Richly-Colored Foliage for Spring-to-Fall Appeal Why Red Sunset ® Maple Trees? It grows steadily into a bush 4-foot tall after 10 years, and as wide or a little wider. Red Sunset is a red maple cultivar with superior fall color and good branch structure. Pacific Sunset Maple – A broadleaf deciduous tree with an upright spreading crown. I planted 3 red sunset maples about 2 months ago. Corso's Flower & Garden Center Sandusky Ohio Plants Herbs Gardening Landscaping Flowers Floral Problems such as pests and diseases typically attack weakened maples. Bright red … I planted them each in a 6ft diameter hole about 3 feet in depth being careful to make sure the base of the tree was not covered. The tree grows rapidly and has a dense canopy in the sun, but opens up in partial shade. Most notable is that the Norwegian Sunset is a little taller with more limbs, and the Pacific Sunset is a little shorter with fewer limbs. Norwegian Sunset Maple (Acer truncatum x A. platanoides 'Keithsform') Pacific Sunset Maple (Acer truncatum x A. platanoides 'Warrenred') The Norwegian Sunset & Pacific Sunset are so similar, they are considered here together. The most significant difference between these three is that the Urban Sunset® has a more narrow growth habit than the others. Moderately fast growing it is known to perform well in trying conditions. Eskimo Sunset's leaves get a little crispy. The Red Sunset colors up earlier than most, and that incredible color lasts and lasts, giving you a wonderful backdrop for football watch parties. It grows at a slow rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 60 years or more. About 1/3 of the tree is not leafing out very well. Acer platanoides, Warrenred Pacific Sunset Maple; Categories . In late summer our weather is hot and humid. It is one of the toughest, most adaptable shade trees on the market. Final sale price ranged from $295,000 up to $320,000 pending possible revisions. Buy Now, The Urban Sunset® Maple, Acer x platanoides ‘JFS -KW187’ 27545 is a close relative of the Pacific Sunset® and Norwegian Sunset® maples, relatively new maples that are so popular these days. Crimson Sunset ® Maple is particularly heat and drought tolerant. The Pacific Fire Vine Maple is a special, selected dwarf form of the Vine Maple, which was found among a group of seedlings and noticed for its brilliant red winter twigs. The Red Sunset Maple is considered one of the best trees for early fall color. This summer, I will water more and see if that is a remedy. Chicken And Potato Vindaloo Recipe, Frozen Let It Go Piano Sheet Music With Letters, Folding Chair Beds For Adults, Star Wars Trail - Banff, Minnie Mouse Cake Toppers, South Texas Native Plants, Function Of Coelom In Annelids,

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