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Candidates must demonstrate that they can present a coherent historical argument based upon a secure knowledge and understanding of primary sources, and they will be expected to place their research findings within the existing historiography of the field within which their subject lies. The core course focuses on historiographical debates in world history, leading to two options, usually in the history of a world region. The World History seminar is one of the oldest regular research seminars in the Cambridge history array, having its origins in the `Commonwealth and Overseas History Seminar'. The MPhil in Criminology offers a sound foundation of knowledge and methodological skills to those who wish to work in a wide range of criminal justice agencies, the legal profession, or other professional or voluntary organisations. The initial site of European overseas colonization, and the earliest destination for Africans in the transatlantic slave trade, the Caribbean region was the central nexus for the emergence of the modern world capitalist market. Past MPhil Dissertations Heritage Studies as been taught at the University of Cambridge since 1990 as a specialism within the MPhil in Archaeology. It has had, and continues to have, huge implications for the regions where migrants have settled, for migrants themselves as well as for their descendants, and for the places and the people they have left behind. All students should be warned that thesis supervisors are concerned to advise students in their studies, not to direct them. Visit the MPhil Scholarships webpage. The modules in this pathway offer an intensive engagement with essential themes and theories in the historical and contemporary study of World … MPhil in World History World History at the University of Cambridge combines the study of global and imperial history with the study of Asian, African, Latin American and Pacific histories. Offering a cultural history of colonialism and modernity, the course examines not only the creation of new print genres, but also investigates how these genres made possible new kinds of political and social community. Visit to the Departures exhibition organised by The Barakat Trust and Asia House. If your degree is not from the UK, please check International Qualifications to find the equivalent in your country. South Asian migrants have frequently sought to intervene in the politics of their homelands, and their ‘long-distance’ patriotisms have often played a crucial role in these politics. The study of the New Testament involves a thorough knowledge of the twenty-seven books, which are its contents, and of the world out of which those books come, whether Jewish or Graeco-Roman, as well as a clear-sighted view of the history of its interpretation, knowledge of which raises significant questions about the reason for its study and the variant approaches to that study. MPhil definition: 1. abbreviation forMaster of Philosophy: an advanced college or university degree in any subject…. We've been helping students find the right postgraduate course for over a decade. knowledge of key debates and trends in world history and historiography, skills in presenting work in both oral and written form, acquired the ability to situate their own research findings within the context of previous and current interpretative scholarly debates in the field, Imperialism, colonialism, post-colonialism and world history, Christianity: the history of a world religion, Debates in World History (weekly seminar x 8 weeks). We use cookies to give you the best online experience. The MPhil in American History enables students to develop expertise in … Students are expected to take full responsibility for producing the required course work and thesis to the deadlines specified under the timetable for submission. The University of Cambridge and The Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences launched the new and innovative MPhil in Therapeutic Sciences in Autumn 2018. Check out our other Masters Courses in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Check out our other Masters Courses in History & Archaeology, Start a new search with our database of over 23,000 Masters Courses. The MPhil in World History at the University of Cambridge compares and connects the history of regions and empires into global histories that consider convergence, divergence and enduring historical dynamics, from c. 1500 to the late 20th century. American history at the University of Cambridge is a dynamic field which covers the history of what is now the United States, from the colonial period to the modern era. Minimum entry requirements for MPhil/PhD Economic History. Up to four years full-time or seven years part-time. explore why world history is one of the fastest growing fields of research in current historiography, and how post-colonialism, trans-nationalism and their revisions have driven this burgeoning literature; train students in the use of the printed, manuscript, visual and oral sources for the study of world history, and introduce the use of sources, within and beyond the colonial and national archives; offer an intensive introduction to research methodologies and skills useful for the study of world history, including language skills; introduce new regions, perspectives, connectivities and ruptures in historical processes in their widest extent, and in local, continental or oceanic settings; provide an opportunity for students to undertake, at postgraduate level, a piece of original historical research in world history under close supervision: to write a substantial piece of history in the form of a dissertation with full scholarly apparatus. This core course for the MPhil in World History provides an overview of key historiographical debates, through close reading of significant interventions in the secondary literature. It is a taught Master’s degree that combines advanced study and research introducing students to some of the most important theory, methods and research in criminology. The course explores patterns of mobility and circulation within and from early modern South Asia. It draws on a concentration of research in South Asian, Southeast and East Asian, Pacific, Middle Eastern, African, and Latin American histories. It incorporates themes such as ‘dark heritage’, ‘heritage and climate change’, ‘heritage and migration’ and ‘intangible heritage’. It considers how the establishment of British imperial control impacted upon old networks of mobility while stimulating new streams, and new forms, of migration. An oral examination will only be required in cases where one of the marks is a marginal fail. King’s College London, LSE - Colombia University Double Degree in International and World History The course teachers are also associated with two major research institutions: the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure and the Centre for History and Economics. The MPhil in History is an innovative and intensive two-year course that provides a thorough training in historical methods. It draws upon the expertise of faculty members in each of these areas, as well as in … Equally, diasporas everywhere have raised vexed questions of policy, and many governments (not only those in the western world) have responded by making it more and more hard for South Asians to move across borders. Cobia Soft Plastics, Lotleth Giant Deck, Fried Chicken With Bread Crumbs, Saving The Lost Close Reader Summary, Cold Pea Mint Soup, Planted Aquarium Wood, Great Value Waffles Nutrition Facts, Halfling Rogue Female,

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