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By the end of the programme, participants will be able to: ● Distinguish culturally relative factors from universal factors in Western psychology. You can also read more about Psychology degrees in general, or about studying in United Kingdom. It is a comprehensive course on a faith-based theoretical understanding of Human Psychology from the perspective of Islam. Our own expert team works at the course content. Counselling and listening skills: Active Listening and Empathy, 9. Furthermore, you can use the Discussion Board to connect with other course students as well. ● Identify a range of Islamic perspectives on mental health diagnosis. The course aims to provide an introduction to Islamic Psychology and an understanding of a wide variety of psychological difficulties within an Islamic framework. Please check the qualification required for one to become a psychological therapist in your respective countries. Bilal Philips Founder and Chancellor, The International Open University. Read More! ISLAMIC PSYCHOLOGY AND COUNSELLING – LEVEL 1 (Online Course) Published December 01, 2019 Our courses are open to all. Explores the first half of Juz’ Tabarak from Surah al-Mulk to Surah al-Jinn. ), Select Payment Option: Pay in Full (€77.23 €55.22) Pay in 4 Installments (€13.79/month for 4 months)**Free Digital Certificate Included, Add Add-ons: Printed Certificate (extra €12.5 or €3.12/month for 4months.). We embrace and build upon the work of classical scholars from the Islamic … (Consultant Clinical Psychologist. The Psychology Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home. Ibn Sina (981 - 1037 CE) was the major influence upon the history of Islamic psychology, taking the ideas of the Greek philosophers and adapting them to fit Islamic doctrine. Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Disclaimer Contact Us, Study online Islamic courses at Al Balagh Academy under the guidance of Scholars and Ulamas. Identify and describe the Islamic model of the Self. The study of Psychology is a very integral part of the study of Islam as Islamic faith is mainly based on the belief in the unseen God, the sovereign and all powerful mind behind the cosmic existence and the … Our courses are aimed at individuals who are at different stages and levels with their knowledge of mainstream counselling and Islamic … Who sits our Islamic counselling courses. Upon successful enrollment, you will get access to myAlBalagh (our online learning portal) within 24 hours. Islamic Counselling Services. They are founded on learning integrity and trustworthiness, … Only the module Assessments and the final exam add up to the final score.You can check the individual scores of your Assessments under the Progress tab of myAlBalagh. The course covers the following topics that will enable one to develop a comprehensive understanding of the mental health challenges faced by the Muslim community from an Islamic perspective. Al Balagh is offering Islamic Psychology and Counselling innovative online course in collaboration with IHSAAN (A dedicated Islamic Psychological Therapy Service). There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. . Free Online Courses with Certificates . It is a comprehensive course on a faith-based theoretical understanding of Human Psychology from the perspective of Islam. IHSAAN is a certified clinic of the International Association of Islamic Psychology. Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Postnatal Depression, 10. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of multiple mental health difficulties and the psychological approach required to help people suffering through the same, within the Islamic … Our online course comprises live interactive online sessions, pre-recorded videos, online course material that include, presentations, reading material & online learning activities. If you're interested in studying a Psychology degree in United Kingdom you can view all 88 Online Courses Programmes. The course will help orientate to the philosophy and methodology of psychology from an Islamic perspective. Islamic Psychology (Ilm Ul Nafs) is the study of the “self” (nafs) or the “psyche” from an Islamic Perspective with concepts that are not included in western forms of studying the field i.e the … Guest lecturers include Shaykh Saeed Nasser, Shaykh Idris Watts, Georgina Cardo, and Dr. Samer Dajani.. Al Balagh Academy values seekers of knowledge more than anything. At Sakoon we know how important it is for Muslims to have an Islamic … Since it is one of the most reputed universities in the UK with its Psychology courses, the Department is very selective. .rv_button.closed:after {content:"";} The course will present a theoretical understanding of mental health based on Islamic paradigm … This course is delivered in our School of Psychology, which is a large and exciting community with a global reputation for the high quality of its teaching and research. Our dedicated support team will ensure that your problem gets resolved at the earliest. The course aims to support the development of skills in the wider Muslim community to enable the adequate provision of support to individuals in psychological distress. You will have access to the online course content for up to 2 years. Professor Rasjid Skinner The leading providers of Islamic Counselling Services in the UK with clients worldwide. ● Describe the therapeutic relationship from an Islamic perspective. Become better informed about Islamic Psychology and psychological distress within an Islamic framework with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. There are no additional marks for watching the course recordings. Alif's counselling courses are open to anyone interested in counselling and personal development. Understand Islamic psychological principles in helping those in distress, using case studies. 2 Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk, Islam and Christianity: A Muslim and a Christian in … BA(Dunelm), MSc, FRAI, C Psychol, AFBPsS), (Principal Clinical Psychologist, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, C Psychol, AFBPsS), (Due to COVID-19, we are providing a 30% scholarship on this course). Many universities and colleges in United Kingdom offer English-taught Online Courses … Those successfully completing the programme will be given a Certificate of Achievement on Practical Applications of Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy. The only degree of its kind currently offered in Australia, the Bachelor of Islamic Studies from Charles Sturt University provides well-rounded knowledge in the disciplines of Islam. As a result of a change in our lifestyle, conduct and environment, as human beings we are facing challenges and issues never … Please visit, Overview of Islamic Psychology and Counselling, Distinguishing between the Western and Islamic Paradigms of Psychology, Identify therapeutic aims and objectives of Islamic Psychology/Counselling, Describing the therapeutic relationship from an Islamic perspective, The art of diagnosis from an Islamic Perspective, The example of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH: The basis of our ethical framework of practice, The six C’s of a Muslim Character: Consciousness of Allah SWT, Compassion, Courage, Confidence, Consideration and Control, How to practice Akhlaq in our work with people, How the Islamic framework forms an ethical foundation for our professional practice, Non-Judgmental/Unconditional positive regard within an Islamic framework, Understanding Anger via Islamic model of the Self, Anger Management/Coping strategies from the Sunnah, Early intervention using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, When Formal Therapeutic Interventions are required. The International Association of Islamic Psychology (IAIP) is a professional body which aims to set and maintain a high standard of research and practice in this specialized field. Implementing Mentorship Programme in Schools and Madrasas. Distinguish culturally relative factors from universal factors in Western Psychology. Designed to introduce participants to the field of psychology through an Islam-centric model, students will get a quick glimpse into the history of psychology and the impact that the Islamic … Gain authentic Islamic knowledge with live and interactive sessions, 3. A forum and interpersonal contact between the Muslim public, Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and Muslim Scholars (Ulamaa) and other expert academics, in order to build a network of support and resource for the future. All students will receive notification for their course live sessions via email and/or course WhatsApp group. ● Describe Western approaches to therapy and their applicability to Muslims. Each participant registered will receive a working definition in Islamic Psychology … •    40 hours of lectures by: You can access all the completed Recordings, PPT and assessments anytime. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of multiple mental health difficulties and the psychological approach required to help people suffering through the same, within the Islamic framework. "Making authentic Islamic knowledge readily available to the world through the Internet solely for God's pleasure is a noble life-goal and a mission well worth sacrificing all of one's energies and means for."-Dr. Students may ask questions and get their doubts cleared from their respective lecturers, if any. Note: This course is not part of a professional training programme to become a psychological therapist. Alif Institute is the premier institute in Islamic psychology and counselling. Our dedicated academic support team will assist you as required. Our current Learners consists of people from various backgrounds including solicitors, Muslim Chaplains and Imams, graduates including Psychology … Al Balagh is offering Islamic Psychology and Counselling innovative online course in collaboration with IHSAAN (A dedicated Islamic Psychological Therapy Service). OHSC is proud to offer access to some of the UK’s finest 100% free courses online with certificates.With not a penny to pay, no strings attached and no entry … Please visit  here to apply for a scholarship. Develop counselling skills within an Islamic framework in supporting people with psychological distress, Recognise the role of Jinn disturbance and black magic in relation to psychological distress. Sessions will take place at Cambridge Muslim College. Al Balagh Academy aims to work at grassroots, by developing and offering tailor-made online Islamic courses for different industries and sectors of Muslim society, whilst embedding spiritual … You can interact with your classmates on our Whatsapp Group exclusive for the course students. He began with Aristotle's idea that humans possessed three types of soul, the vegetative, animal and rational psyches. Psychosis from an Islamic perspective, All students will receive notification for their course live sessions via email and/or course WhatsApp group. This course aims at developing mental health awareness and general counselling skills in the wider community for better understanding about the needs of our diverse Muslim communities. Dr. Abdallah Rothman will present via video lecture and video conference sessions. Please select from the courses below to find out more. ● Distinguish culturally relative factors from universal factors in Western psychology. In partnership with Albalagh, Ihsaan is delivering the Level 1 Islamic Psychology and Counselling course This online course includes modules such as Islamic model of the self, Stress, Anxiety and Depression … The Islamic Psychology and Counselling course has been designed by leading Muslim Psychological Therapists who have a keen understanding of the primary psychological challenges faced by our diverse Muslim Communities. By the end of this unique course, the students will: Al Balagh courses do not provide an externally accredited or recognised qualification. Find out the evidence and explore the reasons for the importance of psychology in Islam at this unique two day course. Stress, Anxiety and Depression from an Islamic perspective, Difficulties in the context of our meaning and purpose in life, The Impact of the Environment and Society, The role of Salah, Dhikr and Religious Practice, Role of Jinn and Black Magic in Psychological Distress, Rights and responsibilities of the husband and wife, Changing perceptions in relation to married life, Role of psychological therapy in healthy marriage, Key concepts in the Islamic tradition as tools, Psychosis and Schizophrenia – Critical Debates, Understanding Psychosis from a bio-psychosocial & spiritual perspective, Islamic Beliefs and Understanding Psychosis. Islamic Psychology – Mankind and the Image of God ... (Leicester, UK: The Islamic Foundation, 1999), 29. Furthermore, it will suggest practical ways of working with mentally distressed individuals and help understand where a specialist referral may be required. Masters degrees in the UK benefit from the expertise and prestige of a world-renowned higher education system, with a huge range of courses … Completing a course in psychology will help you better … In case you find any trouble accessing your account, then please contact us immediately. This Certificate Two is jointly accredited by CMC and IAIP and can be applied toward the path of becoming an IAIP certified Clinician. You may also check the Course Schedule tab on your dashboard after logging in on our website or Mobile App. The course is taught through an … Agree on the scope of Islamic Psychology and Counselling. Masters Degrees in United Kingdom With ancient universities located in historic cities, the UK is Europe's most popular study abroad destination. The first two bind humans to the earth, and the rational psyche connects them to God. These surahs of the Qur’an are the ideal places to start as the surahs … Get the opportunity to discuss challenging questions with a team of Psychology experts. £450 Tuition fee for the 5-day course, Accommodation: Hallmark Manchester Inn hotel 0.4mil 8 min walk price £50-80 per night discount code TBC, Day 1: The History and Philosophy of Western Psychology, Western Influence on Psychology as a Secular ‘Science’, Differentiating between Islamic and Western psychology, The Role of Qur’an and Sunnah in guiding Muslims, Types of Approaches to Islamic Psychology, Day 3: Islamic Psychology: A historical perspective, Use of music therapy, architecture and aromatherapy in Ottoman mental health practices, Dynamics of the Model in Applied Psychology, An Islamic understanding of mental health and ill health, Diagnosis: Distinguishing between different states, The Toxic and the Useful in Western Therapies, Practical Clinical Applications of Islamic Approaches, © 2018 by International Association of Islamic Psychology, IAIP is not funded by, nor affiliated with, any political. 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