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... rev 2020.11.10.37978 Contribute Send Feedback Submit Deck Decks Top Decks; ... QUEST HUNTER Updated Dec 04, 2020. Does anyone have a . This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 17:34. Secret Hunter is a pretty old archetype and had been one of the more popular decks for the Hunter class. Our Quest Resurrect Priest guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.. Quest Resurrect Priest is a Hearthstone deck for those of you who like to get the most out of all of your minions. ... Wild Quest Mage. Quest Mage is about completing your quest and assembling pieces in your hand that allow you to win over 2 turns. 4830 - Low. What is the deck about? In Hearthstone you can unlock some gold bonus or whatever if you reach specific goals like reaching level 10 with all characters. 54.0% Winrate 0.1% Popularity Avg. Scholomance gave it no real help, so if you played it previously, you can continue with the deck from the past. Our Quest Resurrect Priest deck list guide features the best Ashes of Outland deck list for Season 73 of Hearthstone (April 2020). Avg. The Best Standard Meta Decks – Darkmoon Faire (November 2020) By: Stonekeep - November 23, 2020 - Updated: 1 week ago. HEARTHSTONE. After the quest is complete you generate a random spell which is much stronger than any hero power. You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos. That makes it a combo deck, and combo decks function in a specific way. Combo decks: want to cycle through the deck as fast as possible It was largely enabled by Cloaked Huntress, which was released in the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Quest cards are like Secrets in that they take up a Secret slot, ... similar to the function of Secrets in Hearthstone. 7100 - Low. Our Quest Hunter deck list guide features the best deck list for Season 73 of Hearthstone (April 2020). This allowed you to put multiple Secrets down in one turn which could gain you a lot of tempo and buff Secretkeeper quite a bit if you had one on the board. It is easy to fill up the board with random minions and spells and just hammer them with so many options and power. 2840 Other Decks BUFF BEAST HUNTER Updated Dec 04, 2020. Quest Druid (Untapped Potential, so the one currently in Standard – Jungle Giants already rotated out) was created in Saviors of Uldum and quickly became one of the strongest Quest decks from the expansion.It’s mainly thanks to the fact that it’s by far the easiest one to finish – all you need to do is… do nothing. 38.0% Winrate 0.0% Popularity Avg. I am not talking about the daily quests here. Let's jump right into it. Hi everybody. Weaknesses: Mage has no life steal just the armor secret Ice barrier. I'm Sipiwi94. We will continue to update the list to help you play the best possible Quest Hunter list. Updated Dec 04, 2020. Please when you update it add quest warlock and libram paladin those are two decks that are super fun and are actually playable after the recent patch. Updated 4/10/2017. By: Shaun Savage - Updated: ... Secret Mage is one of the classic decks in Hearthstone and continues to live on in the Wild format! Win 5 games in practice mode – Award: 1 classic card pack Complete a game in any play mode (or Arena) – Award: 1 classic card pack Play 3 games in any play mode (or Arena) –Award: 100 gold Unlock every hero – Award: 100 gold Get any class to level 10 – Award: 1 classic card pack Win 100 games in any mode – Award: 300 gold Win 1,000 games in any mode – … META DECKS. Quest Mage. Hearthstone Best Mage Decks (December 2020) – Standard & Wild! Applied Epic Bulk Data Extract, Jumper Geometry Dash Piano Sheet Music, How To Install Ir Extender Cable, Clifford Pier Menu, Strength Bard 5e, Car Seat Stroller All In One, North African Dna, Oathbreaker Meaning In Telugu,

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