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The post Give Thanks to God appeared first on Lighthouse Trails Publishing Inc. Remembering the Forgotten Pilgrims Gloria's Blog: If there’s anything I’ve learned over our years of making home, it is that home is portable. I will not give up until I get it! People in my conservative church who read the Bible think The Shack and Jesus Calling are wonderful! The slightest touch would dislodge the pole. Yes, I have seen that too. The post YouTube Talk by Warren B. Smith: “The Titanic and Today’s Church” appeared first on Lighthouse Trails Publishing Inc. Letter to the Editor: To All Parents of Students Considering Attending Gordon College The great saints, the prophets, and many deep seekers who have gone to the desert or the seashore to step back from the politic of life and current skewed public opinion to gain perspective, have given us stories and poetry, songs and principles for living in the hopes we, who have come after them, could steer a clearer course and avoid some of the “shipwrecks” they had in trying to find their way. Henry was in the audience and beamed like a proud papa at the song that is perhaps the best statement of this great, humble man that might ever be written. 1:9). They are proudly standing tall and leafless on their watery stems, breathing joy into the hot summer. There are great causes you can help by giving away what you don’t need: women’s shelters and pregnancy centers, Goodwill, and Salvation Army are great places to take extra towels, kitchen equipment, linens, bed sets, clothing and furniture. Will master’s programs begin on location? These are the same cardinals, finches, warblers, wrens, martins and cedar wax wings that sing to us from the old white pine and the oak bush while the sun is setting to the west of our front porch. One by Richard Rohr, a Roman Catholic priest and the other by Sue Monk Kidd who believes herself to be a goddess. I have loved the Gaithers music for many years and have albums by them, but this destroys any feelings that led me to believe that they were strong followers of the Lord Jesus. I am a lyricist. Join the official Facebook Group for Gloria Gaither to take part in discussions about Gloria's new blog, Gaither Music and More by clicking HERE! And the jury is still out, as Abraham Lincoln said, as to whether “this nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure”. The pine was in an area that sometimes floods, so it had no need to put down deep roots to reach its necessary water source. We yet have a long way to go, but we have made progress, and must always work to do so. Perhaps Bob Benson best explained why in this beautiful piece: There has to be a song— There are too many dark nights, Too many troublesome days, Too many wearisome miles,There has to be a song— To make our burdens bearable, To make our hopes believable, To release the chains of past defeats,Somewhere—down deep in a forgotten corner of each one’s heart—There has to be a song— Like a cool, clear drink of water Like the gentle warmth of sunshine,   Like the tender love of a child, There has to be a song. Newly elected SGMG President, Judy Nelon presented the honor where a group of industry friends and colleagues gathered to share in the special occasion.The afternoon celebration… The following is an audio talk recently posted on former New Age follower Warren B. Smith’s YouTube channel, titled “The Titanic and Today’s Church” (also the name of his just-released book by Mountain Stream Press). Looking for books by Gloria Gaither? This is especially true of false teachers and prophets leading the credulous astray. Love, Mother. As the older generation has left our family circle, their spirits have not. Gloria performed, traveled and recorded with the Bill Gaither Trio from 1965 through 1991. . My book bags were reminding me to refocus on the central priorities, and to remember that family, friends and writing were my main calling. She performed, traveled and recorded with the Bill Gaither Trio from 1965 through 1991. These stems shoot two feet into the air, then produce a mass of buds that unfold into the most gorgeous and delicate pale pink lilies. Piano Book. In 2017 I wrote how dismaying it was that Christian gospel singer Gloria Gaither would not only approvingly interview Richard Rohr, but she used his book, Falling Upward, in a Bible study.With the infectious spread of Rohr’s false doctrine in the church it seems time to address some of the material which I had not commented on previously. It’s like they have tired of ‘just plain old manna’ and go lusting after everything and anything else that is enticing to them instead. Most homes have some kind of time piece in every room, and most of the people who live in those rooms have the current time displayed on smart watches and cellphones for any region in the world. Mit. are we doing that? We had a storm they called a derecho, a straight wind storm without an eye. Home is anywhere our family is together. The marketplace is empty No more traffic in … I keep thinking about what I’d most like to say to those coming behind me, should I make the crossing first. Doesn’t God allow laughing?”. If you were to lay our songs end-to-end for the last almost 60 years, you would have the only biography I may ever write. You can throw a keg of nails the whole length of it. My favorite verse of “America the Beautiful” is this: Oh, beautiful for patriot dreamsThat see beyond the yearsThine alabaster cities gleam,Undimmed by human tears. By Gloria Gaither. We need a break. . No wonder they called this “skimmed milk.”  The top milk could then skimmed off and churned into butter. We went back to the entrance gate in an effort to catch sight of them. Sadly, the Gaithers have millions of followers through their music, and now these followers are being pointed to two New Age panentheists rather than to the Cross. This is the 54th Thanksgiving we have spent in the house we built when Bill and I were teaching high school English. When Bill and I taught high school English, we loved to have the students learn the poem of Longfellow entitled “The Arrow and the Song,” comparing the speed and accuracy of an arrow to that of a song. Fortunately, we always had guitarists, bass players, drummers and keyboardists in our circle who shared a repertoire of pop songs, gospel tunes, and 80s rock classics. I look at the history of our country and the years since that first Thanksgiving, and have to admit that, like most big families, our nation has made some mistakes and have at times hurt each other and been anything but Christ-like to each other. are we to assume there were no positive reply’s about a couple who has dedicated their lives to serving God? Nov 23, 2020. It’s very sad when I hear someone say that they are having a Bible study, and not using the Bible for the study. The post Letter to the Editor: Our Sad Departure From the Church of the Nazarene Over Unbiblical Teachings appeared first on Lighthouse Trails Publishing Inc. Give Thanks to God To somehow register that “I got the post, Father; I got it!”. It did! Neither Bill nor I majored in this field of psychology, but I know for sure that if you were to ask Bill who was his best teacher in this area of learning, he’d say George Gaither. The letter below from Manny Silva (co-founder of Concerned Nazarenes) (posted with his permission) illustrates the great dilemma in which many Christian parents find themselves today, and it ... [Read more...] It is that eternal value that gives each person essential rights. . I like to think of the time of paring down as “distilling” the pure essence of a life well lived, a time for letting the cream rise to the top, and letting the “old blue milk,” as grandma used to call it, go. OUR WEBSITES. Gloria Gaither. Payers for wisdom, understanding and discernment. A time or two Bill heard his dad say, “I’m afraid that if he keeps climbing the fences, it will break them down.”  So Bill asked him, “Well, why don’t you just tell him to stop?”, His dad would say something like, “Yeah, I need to talk to him about it.”. I may not be good, but I can be stubbornly and joyfully persistent to the end. The Gaither’s promotion of The Shack, Brian McLaren, and Leonard Sweet are strong indicators that the Gaithers are attracted to emerging spirituality, and this will no doubt influence many of their followers. It’s a real presence in our family room. And one thing for which I am most thankful is that our loving Lord deals with us all not just with justice but with mercy and grace. These book reviews are from Bill & Gloria Gaither’s Homecoming Magazine website. Dear jennings: got your letter all right. They Want ‘Death To America’” A few years back, we did a special tribute honoring Henry in the Homecoming Magazine. Don’t be offended if the things you once treasured are not treasured by your children; they need to make their own memories with their kids. Mother. I will make tea and it will be Earl Gray! . But I long for timepieces that mean something. I keep writing what I see and what life is teaching me in short snippets. When the war was finally over and the allied countries got a chance to begin the long process of rebuilding, we were finally able to get things like fine fabrics and metals. Or else you will drift away with the new age teachings or become luke warm. Featured. The first was a cut called “Time Goes By”. Lord knows we have plenty of conflict in our world to resolve! Gloria Gaither, Autor von Let's Make A Memory : Great Ideas for Building Family Traditions and…, bei LibraryThing For some reason, a sexist situation her daughter experienced (and SMK witnessed) triggered that change in her life, but that’s never made sense to me because the offending men gave no evidence of being Christians. Click HERE to read her blog. I was deeply impacted by that book and the many questions the book asked of the thinkers of that decade. But never underestimate the mind of a child. Yes, Gloria Gaither has been leading people astray for several years into new age apostasy. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Gloria Gaither at the Discogs Marketplace. Join millions of Gaither Music fans from around the world on YouTube to enjoy complimentary video content from the Gaithers. We should respond as if God dwells there.”-A Time of Departing, 2nd ed., p. 134-135. Rohr wrote the foreword to a 2007 book called How Big is Your God? Just when did people decide that the Word of God is not plenty good enough on its own? When once it was a argument about the destruction of a fetus, it is now babies minutes before or after birth. The ultimate authority of my life is not the Bible; it is not confined between the covers of a book. Knowing her, she certainly tacked a scrap of something to a tree by the river. Praying for them to get out of deception. I am usually responsible for decorating our home-away-from-home--our tour bus. It will only be an outgrowth of grace, the awareness that in our worst moments, “God shed his grace on me.” That amazing mercy gives us the right to hope, and demands that we be gracious and merciful to each other in spite of glaring imperfections. . Win. There must always be visionaries who, when in even moments of our most disappointing behavior, can see and hold us to a better purpose. Talk about late bloomers! Ovens, microwaves, bedside digital clocks flash the time all day and all night. None of the hands move on these tiny watch faces—Amy’s kind of timepiece. . I love them! It occurs to me that the list of life-lessons (Proverbs) and the love poem (Song of Solomon) of the wise Solomon and the songs of David (the Psalms) have outlasted most constitutions and articles of government. The privilege of expressing to each other our gratitude for someone’s kindness, someone’s support, someone’s encouragement, someone’s forgiveness is an unforgettable moment. ... [Read more...] Coated cookware of aluminum became available, too, and my mother had for years an incredible “waterless” cookware set called Miracle Maid. I remember what we called “butter” was really Oleo, a white shortening like Crisco to which we added a tablet of yellow coloring (like the tablets for coloring Easter eggs) that we mixed into the shortening to look like butter. I couldn’t even throw a softball well enough to make girl’s village summer team, so discus throwing was out of my league entirely, and only tall girls with long legs seemed to excel at the 100 yard dash. Lynda Randle – Official Video for “One Day At a Time (Live)”, available now! The song was recorded by the Booth Brothers and performed by them on the Vocal Band’s next videotaping, Pure and Simple. As the old Philip Bliss gospel song says: Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of Life;Let me more of their beauty see--wonderful words of Life.Words of life and beauty teach me faith and duty,Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of Life. It does not supprise me at all !!! I have to cook different foods. Some historians and anthropologists theorize that music evolved rather late. Mystical awakening in all the great religious traditions, including Christianity, involves arriving at an experience of unity or nondualism. There were standing broad jump, running broad jump, the high jump, the discus throw, a relay race, and the 100 yard dash. Gloria performed, traveled and recorded with the Bill Gaither Trio from 1965 through 1991. I have to light the candles and play the music. Take it from me, formal graduation won’t mean that you need to hang up your backpack or that this will be the last bookbag to punctuate your journey. A coffee pot, a refrigerator stocked with good-for-you snacks, a cupboard full of organic cereals, and a bowl of fresh fruit on the table make this as near to home as it gets on the road. I wasn’t very athletic. Could it possibly have been with a song God sang all things into existence? It seems that many are using this time of pause to make some life changes. Think of your best memories: vacations, holidays, family gatherings, life-altering conversations, relations, joyful happenings. Sue Monk Kidd is an amazing writer who tells a story with such skill that she somehow manages to both prick our consciences and give us great hope. I had said too many yeses and not enough nos. So, I will stop midstream to refresh my purpose for myself and for you who have signed on since. Ah, blessed are the peacemakers. According to a press release, the nominations include all the divisions of the company, including Capitol Christian Label Group, Motown Gospel, Publishing and Commercial Partnerships. 109.078 Personen sprechen darüber. Now 116 blogs later, so many of you have joined the long parade of faithful readers who have responded with your comments and stories and have shared the blog with friends and family when something I wrote brought them to mind. Nonetheless, that “caused” her to go after a female god(dess). When we see what is happening to our ability to communicate with each other on a deep and meaningful level, we might be concerned that what started with music and the Song of God (the Word) might end up with grunts and groans. In Zen it’s known as samadhi…. Over the years that followed the question presented itself to me as a se Mar 8, 2020 - In 1976 Francis Schaeffer wrote a very important book posing the question: How Should We Then Live? Today, she has agreed to be my guest blogger as I share with you her beautiful words about an inspiring lady we both cherish as a friend. All the more, then, I love words that have specific meaning to the family that lives in rooms decorated with them. No one would leave a note but Grandma.”  Sure enough, when we got close enough, we could see that someone had stabbed a piece of paper on to one of the sticks on the hedge: The babies got tired, and I’ve run out of spiz; We’ve gone on back to the hotel to take naps. These solo piano arrangements of their most popular songs feature lyrics, suggested fingerings, phrasing, pedal markings, and easy-to-read notation. We had the tree cutters saw it down, and, like always, I asked them to leave me a tall stump that I could use as a pillar to hold a big planter of geraniums and trailing sweet potato vines. after a day on the road…or on the beach. Gloria Gaither, GMA Hall of Fame Inductee and wife of Bill Gaither of the Gaither Vocal Band, has launched a new songwriting blog called “Love Song To My Life” featuring family stories, personal reflections, seasonal devotions, and more. Not if they are supporting the devil’s work here on earth! LTRP Note: Since the inception of Lighthouse Trails in 2002, we have been researching and warning about what is happening in today’s Christian colleges, seminaries, and universities. Another sad picture of this is when I was outside a ‘Christian’ bookstore a few years ago, looking in the window. (US CCM charity supergroup) Bill & Gloria Gaither: original member of: Bill & Gloria Gaither and their Homecoming Friends: children: Suzanne Gaither-Jennings: married: Bill Gaither (contemporary gospel singer & songwriter) (from 1962 to present) I wanted most of all to pick up my writing essentials and go. I have always had bookbags lined up in our coat closet, each containing an unfinished writing project on which I was currently working. Only people, not things, are eternal. Now, as I look back on our experience with artists, students, friends, and audiences from all walks of life, I have found this statement to be true. Our founders believed that these rights were not ours to give, but were “endowed by the Creator” as a gift from God. The post “For Portland Black Lives Matter Rioters, Biden Isn’t Enough. Small embroidered linen guest towels spread over a hotel table give a simple but lovely setting for a couple of small antique books of English poetry and a picture of important loved ones framed in silk travel-frames. He started his public ministry at a wedding party, loved topping a great fish story, talked to babies when his disciples jockeyed for position, and threw the biggest lakeside picnic in history. Suddenly, Suzanne looked toward the tall hedge separating the park from the parking lot. This week we received the following information from a reader: Gloria Gaither is the author of many influential songs including “There’s Something About That Name.” She writes glowing reviews of the two books listed below. Bill Gaither - Gloria Gaither. It may be a poem, and it may just be for me.”, I only knew it was the passion of my life to not miss the miracles of every morning, to see the love letters God has been writing to me with every sunrise and every drop of rain poised on the trumpet edge of the morning glory blossom before it drops to water the black earth. He’s not interested in spurts of flashy athletic prowess. 5 thoughts on “ Will Bill and Gloria Gaither need to re-write the lyrics to “The Family of God” after 2020? But as a little kid I was drawn to the tumblers because of their bright colors and shiny metallic surfaces. Looking for books by Gloria Gaither? I have to make a blueberry cobbler, even if and especially if I send half of it to Rodney Wilson across the street. Today I will pickle some cucumbers and pull some weeds. Explore releases from Gloria Gaither at Discogs. I have to like myself. When we are living our lives at breakneck speed, juggling many roles and making schedules that would have sent our parents to the psych ward (sent some of us there, too!) My friend Ann Smith, a wise and insightful mentor, once gave me this observation from her years of working with people: MOST PEOPLE GET INTO TROUBLE BECAUSE THEY HANG ON TO WHAT THEY SHOULD LET GO OF AND LET GO OF WHAT THEY SHOULD HANG ON TO. we spend so much energy criticizing let’s put it to better use. I wanted to be a woman with a portable mission again. Again, we had to cut this tree below the break. Tags Gloria Gaither Blog, Grandchildren, Gloria Blog, Gloria Gaither, Bill Gaither, Bill and Gloria Gaither, Gaither Homecoming, Homecoming, Gloria Gaither - Beans and Corn, Beans and Corn, B1-30. © Gloria Gaither 2017. Gloria Gaither, GMA Hall of Fame Inductee and wife of Bill Gaither of the Gaither Vocal Band, has launched a new songwriting blog called “Love Song To My Life” featuring family stories, personal reflections, seasonal devotions, and more. Carol Tornquist. Bill and I like an evening by ourselves or by the firepit or in the woods or watching a great DVD. One day, headed to the creek for a cook-out, we noticed a sprout in the middle of the decaying stump. By Warren B. Smith At 11:40 p.m. on April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic—the biggest, grandest ship of its time—collided with an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City. Sat Aug 8th @ 3:00 PM (PT) Sat Aug 15th @ 3:00 PM (PT) Sat Aug 22nd @ 3:00 PM (PT) Supper is love and acceptance and something to say. In speaking about mysticism, she states: As I grounded myself in feminine spiritual experience, that fall I was initiated into my body in a deeper way. 161-163, Dance of the Dissident Daughter). 4 notes. She started down the contemplative prayer road with bliss, reading numerous books and repeating the sacred word methods taught in her readings. I stammered some kind of apology for being late, and something about plane connections. Relax. But as peaceful and steady as he was, there was a memorable issue he once had with a neighbor. ... Sign up to receive Gloria's blog Email Address . But I do remember having to have government stamps to buy gasoline. Poolside, we could invite newly made friends to join the fun. The Psalms continue to sing their way into the lives of our children and our children’s children, and most of us have laid our old folks to rest reciting and singing their eternal truths. Benjy and Melody now have that clock in the corner of their piano room. Felled was a willow that had been weakened by a beaver, a maple that had formerly lost a big limb, and a white pine, totally uprooted. Our house has always been the Thanksgiving place. He isn’t impressed by sleek bodies, rippling muscles, or perfect form. I think again about the two kinds of time:  Chronos and Kairos. Dec 3, 2020. Thank you all for tonight.” Now I ask you: was what we were doing ministry? We tell our porch guests to look closely, for if they do, they will see the thick stump of our old oak tree, now almost totally camouflaged by thick new branches reaching like children around the stump to grasp hands as they dance in the breeze. Not long ago I was talking to Ivan Parker. She ultimately came to the mystical realization that: “I am speaking of recognizing the hidden truth that we are one with all people. . And, also, like the series of pieces I wrote to settle the doubts of my soul, only to discover that they were written in response to Someone who was talking to me when I wasn’t talking to Him, and I had to admit that these were Simple Prayers, these pieces called a blog were love songs—love songs to my life. So when we were in Carmel, California, on vacation, I discovered in a lovely French country shop a dainty bracelet made of thin gold and silver faces of antique watches. Explore releases from Bill & Gloria Gaither With Their Homecoming Friends at Discogs. It’s no accident that even when we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” the great Shepherd has promised to prepare a table before us--even in the presence of our enemies--and to spread for us, his bride, a great marriage supper when we finally get home. Everything tastes the same and IS the same anyway. I have loved and enjoyed the Gaithers music for many years.. but always had that nagging feeling of compromise, and that has been the problem all along, they both lack discernment. That will be the one place where our family can lose track of time!”. When we had to be gone on long trips – like the tour up the west coast that lasted two weeks – mother would take the children out of school on Friday and fly to where we were for the middle long weekend in between. For I’m part of the family The family of God You will notice we say brother And sister ’round here It’s because we’re a family And these folks are so near When one has a heartache We all share the tears And rejoice in each victory In this family so dear I’m so glad I’m […] The power of words and story keep the timeless principles of life “before our eyes” and echoing in our ears as we navigate the uncharted waters of our future. The rest of us have had to totally rethink how we do life. If you’ve been to Ragtown very often, you’ve probably heard my story about meeting Gloria Gaither. Seems to me this may be the main reason for the huge drift into apostasy we’ve witnessed over the last couple of decades in particular. About every family we knew had some family wound from the war. Gloria Gaither (born March 4, 1942) is a Christian songwriter, author, speaker, editor, and academic. My sister and I would go to GaitherFest in Myrtle Beach, SC with excitement, but after their promotion of all things “Shack”, and her giving a talk one Saturday morning proclaiming that she, and anyone, could be gods along with God, that was it for us. One of those seems to be what has been called “downsizing.”  I don’t particularly like that term. Choose from this stock objectively the ones that will create uncluttered beauty in the new space and avoid arranging ruts. No wonder last year’s magazines are as good as this year’s. The Gaithers have been a popular Christian music team for many years. “I think I see a note on that hedge. . This ‘”back to Rome” spirit/deception is preparation for Antichrist. For the record, that’s Bill Gaither on the right, photo by Kevin Williams. Ein Gospel-Feuerwerk, das tief berührt und neue Kraft schenkt. She is the wife of Bill Gaither and together they have written more than 700 songs. Families need to be crammed around tables, sharing turkey and pumpkin pie, telling the hilarious stories to the new generation, laughing their heads off together. regarding the dangers. While sorting through furniture, pictures, art, and accessories, choose to keep only the pieces that are of a compatible scale and style to compliment the new space. we don’t notice so many of the true treasures that whirl by because we are viewing them from a carrousel. That day sitting in church, I believed the voice in my belly. Finden Sie heraus, was in Ihrer Sammlung fehlt, und kaufen Sie Gaither Music Group-Veröffentlichungen. In 2005, the Gaithers held their Gaithers Praise Gathering in which they invited Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, and other emerging church leaders to be speakers. Evangelicals ought to know better. I just told my husband how I like the Gather music. Instead, she said, “I have not laughed this hard in years. Because of Covid-19, students this year are missing graduation as we know it—no processional, no ceremony, no challenging commencement address, no bestowing of diplomas to the cheers of family and friends, no changing of the tassels and tossing of mortar boards into the air, and no emotional hugs and good-byes on the grassy hillsides and parking lots of high schools and colleges across the country. My ultimate authority is the divine voice in my own soul. And of course Gloria has been there right along with him. The kids “get” this song! About 40 of these first “pilgrims” were separatists who were seeking freedom to worship away from the state-run religions. 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