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On the drift you cast downwind and as the jighead sinks you drift onto the bait and anywhere from 5-10 seconds into the cast to straight up and down is the main place you will get a strike. For this purpose, flashy 2- to 3-ounce bucktails with large soft plastics landed a good number of cobia and still do. TACTICS Cobia frequent spots like down around Myuna Bay, south west of Pulbah Island, Wangi Point, Swansea Bridge and … When you are gaffing these fish it’s important that you have really good footing and do not underestimate the sheer strength of these fish. In Western Australia cobia are normally encountered north of Kalbarri. Some of the best locations to target cobia with lures in northern NSW include Forster, Hat Head, Coffs Harbour and the Iluka Breakwall. Fish Caught: Cobia 91949 Date Time: 2013-04-26 14:44 Location: Wild banks Location Type: Saltwater - Offshore Weight: 04.00kg A big fish will often take two or three long powerful runs. Jerk shads, grubs, wrigglers, paddle tails all work well on Cobia. Colder water allows the scent to stick longer and hotter water dissolves it faster. When you are sight-casting at multiple fish they are usually a lot more aggressive as they have to compete for the lure. The 10 inch HeroZ is an oversized, elognated, fish-shaped jerk bait that is super soft, but is ideal for big fish applications thanks to its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction. If you’re eager to catch them, try out some sparkle and pink, white, or pearl curly/twisty-tailed soft plastics. When cobia are hooked they also have a tendency to shake their head violently and quickly change direction. Great for Cobia, Cod, Fluke, Flounder, Grouper, Rockfish, Striper, Bluefish, Halibut, Lingcod, Sea Bass, Snapper, and more. Smaller fish look a lot like another species found with sharks, the remora. Custom Cobia Jigs from C&B Custom Jigs LLC . Most anglers targeting cobia from the rocks use PE3-5 braid with a 60-80lb monofilament leader. The most productive time to target cobia on the NSW north coast is usually between January and May. However, they invariably get a strong second wind at that point and it pays to exercise caution when using the gaff, as they are incredibly strong fish. Their associated range of jig-heads pale in comparison to stuff like the Nitro series, with an archaic pin system that simply destroys soft plastics. Reply. FIND A DEALER However, they can be a little easier to find at times, such as when they are shadowing manta rays in Exmouth Gulf or at Dampier Harbour, or when they are shadowing big sharks at Quobba and Steep Point. They will happily take mulies, squid, strips of fish and other baits, especially when fished with just a light weight or without any weight at all. The best method of targeting cobia on soft plastics is to cast as far as possible and slowly jig the plastic up from the bottom. Cobia seem to have been regularly turning up farther south in recent years, possibly due to several years of strong Leeuwin Currents, with a number of smaller specimens turning up off Perth and even off Busselton. Don’t forget to check if you need a WA fishing licence before heading out. Home Information/Pricing Saltwater Jigs Sinkers Freshwater Soft Plastics Miscellaneous. Way South Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, July 10 Update: Live yellowtail, blue or scaly mackerel and most small, live or dead bait fish and squid are all ideal baits for cobia both live and dead. Chasing snapper on plastics in deep water is great fun and extremely effective. These powerful pelagics are also referred to as “black kingfish” and “crab eaters”. The spinfishing gear used for cobia is exactly the same as any heavy duty threadline outfit I would use for tuna and mackerel. The ideal jig head for shore based casting is about 1 ounce with 5/0-7/0 hook. On the east coast good numbers of cobia can be found north of Port Stephens. Great fun and damn near spooled me on first run. The extra length is ideal for steering these powerful cobia away from the rocks during the final stages of a fight. These NSW north coast ledges can produce some massive cobia that weigh more than 35kgs. Soft Plastics. They are a very strong fish possessed of great power. If you're targeting drum, sheepshead or any other crab eating fish, then you are sure to hook them with these baits. PHOTOS; VIDEOS; DEALERS. They actually look a lot like small sharks and are often mistaken for them from a distance. Dave Seaman loves this time of year to catch one of his favourites – Eastern. For reefs offshore, a 3/4 – 2 ounce jig head couples with 3- 9inch plastics are the go. or. Press alt + / to open this menu. Cobia hold a special place in the heart of many WA anglers, mainly because they are one of the hardest fish to work out, and therefore to catch. Soft plastics in the four-to-five-inch range are working best. These options, Winter fishing can produce some awesome fish when you get a break in the weather. These eels are made of a durable rubber and are hand painted to closely mimic what an eel looks like in the wild. Seeing a big-brown chocolate log opening its bucket-like mouth on the surface and watching your lure disappear is certainly a sight to behold. See more of Psycho Soft Plastics on Facebook. First time visitor to the Quobba Coast David Rath also nailed an impressive 24kg cobia on one these popular 5 Inch Mack Baits. Big golden trevally were also a feature during March with fish to 1m landed. Soft Plastics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ... For flounder, anglers are jigging pink, white, pearl, and chartreuse soft plastics and drifting squid chunks along the channel edges at the CBBT. The 18 and 20 fathom reefs east of the Seaway produce a lot of quality cobia in June, with quite a few 30kg monsters turning up. Al Gag's whip it eel is a straight tail style soft plastic that is excellent for imitating eels, sand eels, and many other thin … Soft plastics are the other main way I target snapper. In most instances predatory fish like cobia will usually strike the chrome lure as it is fluttering on the drop. They have also been caught off Jurien Bay and at the Abrolhos. Create New Account. They are hand made in the USA and tied to your specifications after your order is placed. Hard bodied trolling and casting lures, soft plastics, metal jigs and sub surface lures are also great for targeting cobia. Nope, not a cobia - but a fun Cape Charles catch nonetheless! Call Us Today! Facebook. Cobia are well documented for their mysterious migratory patterns and are often found roaming warm oceanic currents with other large marine hosts such as sharks, turtles and big stingrays. Cobia Jig Heads from C&B Custom Jigs LLC. Quite often you will only see one or two fish under a ray or shark, but in some instances I’ve seen up to half a dozen fish race out from under a big manta ray. Their flat head, dark brown colouring and prominent dorsal fin lead to the confusion. Many lures are lost though by anglers who find themselves hooked to the host rather than the fish! Sight casting soft plastics or at cobia sitting on manta rays or sharks is a highly productive way to fish for them. Many lures are lost though by anglers who find themselves hooked to the host rather than the fish! When cobia are cruising with large marine creatures these fish can be taken on a variety of surface lures such as poppers, stickbaits and surface plugs. Retrofitting lures with new trebles and split rings is something that all anglers will do at some stage. My favourite metal lure for targeting cobes is the 85gm Surecatch Knight. The Assassin 11ft Shore Game 2x Heavy is a perfect spin rod for land based spinning. I like using the bass fishing senko worms in the 6-9” range on a 1/4oz jig head to sight cast inshore cobia. Atomic Plazos. These stubborn fish are renowned for their stamina and it can take an awful lot of persuasion to tame a big cobe. While you are working the plastic back up the water column make sure that are continually twitching the rod tip to give the plastic more action. They’ll happily hit lead-head jigs and sometimes respond well to poppers. Coupled with 30lb- 80lb leader. The boys landed plenty of fish between 10-13kgs on the “king of chrome” and “green goblin” colour. During a recent trip to Steep Point in WA, Adam Epifanis and I managed to get a double hook up of line burning cobia from under a surface cruising whale shark and managed to land both fish. During the 2015/16 summer season at Garth’s Rock Perth based angler Sokhom Chhouk and his crew were mainly casting and retrieving the 5 Inch Mack Baits with a medium paced retrieve and these bibless minnows were a definite standout performer. At Hogy Lure Company, we aim to lead the industry in technique-specific products with a focus on product durability and performance with large fish like tuna, striper, tarpon, snook, mahi, wahoo, sailfish, redfish, lake trout, striped bass, bluefish, fluke, bonito, albies, cobia, bluefin, marlin, billfish, and cod Cobia are frequently captured on a wide variety of lures such as metals, deep-divers, surface lures and even soft plastics. Made in the USA. The secret is to constantly berley and work the berley trail using live baits and big soft plastics. Once they are pinned they will often roll around aggressively making them extremely difficult to contain. Jigs and soft plastics are also very effective on cobia. Guest. Swimming lures tend to create a lot more commotion as they wobble through the water and can often out fish metal lures during low light conditions and in murky waters. Solitary fish can be difficult to tempt at times as they have a lot more time to size up the lure before fully committing. Some fish will immediately head for cover and try to bury you in the reef while other fish will instantly run out wide and will prefer to slug it out on the surface. When there is an abundance of food available large schools of cobia will often hang around for long periods of time and plenty of fish can be captured from the shore. On the West Australian coast I’ve seen plenty of cobia feeding near the surface when they travel with tiger sharks, whale sharks and manta rays. Sections of this page. Cobia are not the fastest fish in the ocean so the traditional high-speed retrieve used for species such as mackerel and tuna is not the best technique for these fish. Make sure to hit up Palacios and Copano/Aransas Bay for some awesome kayak and wade fishing. When baitfish numbers are fickle the run of inshore cobia is usually a lot more sporadic. The cobia have been caught on soft plastics and stick baits, with some great surface bites on a few occasions. Spinning for cobia is a challenging way to target these mighty sportfish, and every capture from the rocks is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Cobia are a highly prized sportfish that are commonly found in Australia’s sub-tropical waters. In the inlets, they're mixed … Deep divers and shallow divers are ideal for cobia as these lures are capable of swimming with plenty of action even if they are retrieved quite slowly. Superior quality and customer satisfaction are our to priorities. Sometimes they appear in the shallows, other times they’ll turn up out wide in the blue water; sometimes they are in schools and sometimes they are flying solo. 220 Center Console. $5.49. Jump to. Over the years I’ve witnessed some epic battles with real monster fish weighing over 35kgs where it has taken well over an hour to bring these cobia to the base of rocks. Jigs and soft plastics are also very effective on cobia. In my opinion the best spot for targeting a land based cobia is definitely Garth’s Rock which is nestled inside Cape Cuvier on the Quobba Coast. Cobia have a prominent creamy stripe along the lower side of their body and can grow to more than 60 kilos, although most fish encountered will be 10-20 kilos. For targeting cobes it is best to work your metal lure with a medium paced retrieve. Goshie takes us on a journey catching the highly prized Cobia telling us where to find them then how to catch them! The best plastics for cobia seen to be big white coloured ones such as the Zman grub. A deep live bait and one set mid-water are both effective. Mostly on the drift with the sea anchor/drogue out. They are marvellously unpredictable, most of the time. Cobia prefer warmer waters above 24 degrees, so keeping a close eye on the sea surface temperature charts will definitely help you find the fish. Electrics Offshore – A New Level of Precision, Winter Pigs on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Facebook YouTube Instagram. When encountered, cobia are usually not hard to tempt. ZMan Lures . Al Gag's Whip-It Eel Soft Plastics. Justin Alderman. Save money on soft plastics. Although you don’t need a super fast reel, most rock fisherman I know use a standard 6:1 gear ratio reel and wind a little slower when targeting these fish. Available in sizes of 8", 11" and 16". Lil Red Lures - Handmade Soft Plastic Fishing Lures ... but I have worked to make versions for everything from freshwater bass and trout to saltwater drum and cobia -and everything in between. Cobia are not the smartest of fish under any conditions, but with soft-plastic lures they sometimes seem particularly dense. While many anglers pitch pink-and-chartreuse hair jigs and six-plus inch soft plastics, Dixon said he prefers live bait. Solid, safe and easy- perfect for family fun on the water. Also try jigging the lure and allow the metal lure to sink numerous times during each retrieve. Cobia Boats Click on the model you're most interested in to learn more. Soft Plastic Fishing Lures for freshwater & saltwater performance. Speckled trout fishing has solidified itself as a more productive fishery in the shallows. These opportunistic fish usually move into coastal areas such as inshore reef systems, bays, rocky headlands and even estuarine environments to hunt down schools of bait. Well look no more. Our realistic soft plastic crabs come in two fish catching sizes. Sight casting soft plastics or at cobia sitting on manta rays or sharks is a highly productive way to fish for them. HOME; ABOUT US; NEWS; MEDIA. Stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations by downloading the Recfishwest App available for iOS and Android. By-catch when fishing deep water plastics may include kingies, amberjack, pearl perch, sweetlip and cobia. ... soft plastics fishing lures. Handy hints and tips Besides the amount of baitfish there are also plenty of other environmental factors such as current strength, water temperature and water clarity which will also influence the number of cobia that venture into inshore waters. Handmade in USA! With plastics, the scent does hold better to Elaztech than normal soft plastics. The Surecatch Knight is also designed with an inbuilt action to flutter as it sinks. Jig, Sinker and Soft Plastic hand pour molds Some IE browers may or may not display pictures Items on Ebay currently General Job Sop Machining services . Fuel capacity 60 gal; LOA 20 ft 01 in; Maximum HP 150 hp; Transom height 25 in Cobia are well known for their ferocious appetite and will consume just about anything thrown in front of them. Deep water live bait rigs are perfectly suited for chasing big cobes. Here are the top live baits for cobia fising. This multipurpose spin rod is capable of throwing a wide variety of lures and is designed to maximise casting distance. They also respond well to lures, including bibbed lures that are trolled or cast. Log In. Lots of great places on the coast that are relatively close to Austin. Fish hard and play hard, all in comfort. As a result these hard running fish are a superb spinfishing target for land based anglers. Home – Tackle Tactics – Tackle Tactics goal is to manufacture and supply quality, innovative and effective fishing products to Australian and worldwide fishing tackle retailers. Hope this helps! ZMan have revolutionised soft plastics fishing with their unique ElaZtech construction. The best locations for spinning up cobia on the west coast include Steep Point and the Quobba coastline. Almost Alive lures is proud to present our Almost Alive Eel; the most realistic representation of a soft plastic eel bait in the world. Cobia can be extremely unpredictable creatures when they are on the end of your line. Legendary West Australian spinfishing pioneer Max Garth who this ledge is named after has even caught 20kg plus cobia on fly from this excellent lure casting platform. View Details. Triple tail action is going well at the mouth of the bays, around the passes and along our beaches. The best method of targeting cobia on soft plastics is to cast as far as possible and slowly jig the plastic up from the bottom. When this happens it is important to keep you line tight to prevent these fish from throwing the hooks. When hooked cobia are capable of very long and powerful runs, but they will also often come in quite quickly, leading the angler to think the battle is won. Have you been looking for one of the most realistic artificial bait crabs on the market? The size and profile of this lure is perfect for imitating baitfish which cobia commonly feed on such as like yellowtail scads, slimy mackerel and mullet. Cobia are a fast growing species and are often found around structure, whether it be rocks, jetties or moored boats, but can turn up just about anywhere, anytime. Solid, safe and easy- perfect for family fun on the water. Martin Amis' New Novel, Can Desert Tortoises Eat Spinach, End-stage Mac Lung Disease, Chinese Dragon Silhouette, Difference Between Laminate And Hardwood, Ford Scooter Ojo, Js Monsta Box Hyfi, Washington Speakers Bureau Staff,

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