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Not very spicy. I am proud to say that my recipe has none of the above! Bravo! All you need are some Spuds, Seasonings, and 35 minutes! A convection oven makes it easy to cook crispy oven-baked fries. stupid question maybe.// but after i wash the potato.. do i dry them or leave them “wet” to let the herbs stick more? Thanks for sharing your recipe! Calories per serving of Crispy Baked Oven Potatoes (No Oil) 171 calories of Potato, raw, (0.67 large (3" to 4-1/4" dia.)) ;-P. I am going to try these with sweet potatoes… yum! Please take your lies and self-righteous attitude elsewhere. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Made them almost like Parmesan fries! I made them for the second time tonight and tonight, I added nutritional yeast. Look no further, this is the closest you will get to oven baked fried chicken. I found this great recipe for oven-baked french fries.They’re not quite as good as perfectly fried potatoes, but they’re really close. There are three great questions in life: does life has any meaning? KFC!!!! 1 tsp cinnamon; 1/4 tsp salt; 1 tbsp olive oil; 2 5" long sweet potatoes; Directions. Thanks Kelsey I think it’s pretty cool too! Thanks so much! Haha! Arrange oven rack in bottom most position of the oven and preheat oven to … This is the recipe I swear by. You can leave the milk in the fridge, there is no risk of that kind of heat. The only seasoning I use on the fries is smoked paprika. But let’s be honest; what’s not to love about French Fries? I love curly fries! Tasted great. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? I don’t understand, the paleo diet isn’t a low carb diet. Crispy Oil Free Fries that are BAKED and not fried.That’s right, there’s no frying required for these golden fries. Bake until browned and tender, turning once, about 20 minutes total. As a current medical student, I find it extremely hard to believe that you ever were a physician. All you need are some Spuds, Seasonings, and 35 minutes! As a registered nurse, I find it incredibly frustrating that most of my time is spent educating patients on proper dietary choices to help manage chronic diseases meanwhile most physicians are simply telling their patients “take your pills and eat less sugar/fat.” Meanwhile, that vague response is leaving countless diabetics wondering what sugar/fat really is and many actually wanting to change their eating habits/lifestyle but not knowing how because Dr. was barely trained in nutrition. If you don’t have one, you could just cut the potato into very thin fries, close your eyes, and let the classic curly fry seasoning fool your brain into thinking they are spirals instead of sticks. 7 % 2g Protein. Serve as desired. Thanks! This is perfect and very simple to do on weeknights when I don’t have a lot of time! They’re often drowned in tons of Oil, Salt, and some even contain weird Preservatives and Additives. These crispy seasoned homemade oven fries are made without oil! I made these today and they came out great. Also, check back next week for a recap of recent events, including MEETING this chica! How to Make Your Fries Crispy Again. They are always great. Spread the fries evenly out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Fourth, it’s great that you are a physician and have PhD in nutrition science but fact of the matter is most of the physicians in this country are clueless on how to educate their patients to improve their diet to reduce their risk of/control chronic diseases such as diabetes, since you mentioned it. I think what makes you so great is how down to earth you are. Simply toss your spuds in a 425F, set a timer for 35 minutes, and relax. Use scissors to cut the strips into 6-8 inch lengths so they do not tangle and cook more evenly. Editors note- This girl and her spice tolerance….I should have spiked her meals when she visited. Works like a charm, so easy, my dad called them “restaurant quality fries”- LOVE THEM! ... definitely a 5-star recipe! (Ok, whether or not I actually think those things are awesome is worthy of a debate…). And Arman, with his nonchalant red chili flake usage, is probably laughing at me for even using the word spicy in this context. I have only tested this recipe with russet potatoes (and turnips, but that was a not-so-successful alternative starch path I do not recommend you venture down! These are really the best fries ever. I need to go buy a silicon mat! Yes, silicone mats are such a great investment. Your email address will not be published. No Oil required . I usually cut my fries into shapes about 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick – it creates a crispy exterior, but there’s just enough stuff on the insides to get a nice soft bite as well. Thank you. I am seriously craving an entire batch of these…for just me…right now. Using the silicone mat is brilliant! Then just fix and cook the Fries. Haha! Long-time YouTube subscriber here! LOL. Great and easy recipe. Thanks for making them! I enjoy a variety of tasty foods. Vegan is a type of diet not a type of food. Don’t tell my wife as she will expect me to make these from time to time :). YOU DID IT! […] you want without the weight of heavy oils. Caitlin Shoemaker’s Oven Baked Fries recipe is my favorite healthy fry recipe, I definitely recommend trying these two recipes […], […] you want without the weight of using heavy oils. Any suggestions on where I can buy one? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Suppose she is very happy and passionate about her current “work.” What gives you the right to suggest that she won’t earn enough money? If you go the alternate route, consider spicing up the egg white or gravy before completing the […], I’ve made this every week since I found your recipe. 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